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Pacific in the Press | Feb. 26, 2019

Feb 26, 2019


Quote of the Week

"This is so unusual. I’m not aware of other declarations of emergency being challenged in court."

Brian Landsburg, Capital Public Radio News, Feb. 15, 2019

Examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

"Don't Discount the North San Joaquin Valley," Comstock's Magazine, Feb. 15, 2019: The Center for Business and Policy Research's Jeff Michael authored a commentary for this Sacramento-based business magazine about the North San Joaquin Valley region made up of San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced counties. "There are tremendous untapped opportunities to address infrastructure, skills development and economic opportunity through greater collaboration across the Northern California Megaregion," Michael wrote. "Counties and cities within the NSJV can benefit from expanding collaboration to make the most of opportunities created by growing intra-and inter-regional connectivity. Strengthening the NSJV also supports the global competitiveness of the Megaregion benefiting the well-being of residents throughout Northern California." 

"How President Trump's 'National Emergency' could affect California," ABC 10, Feb. 15, 2019: McGeorge's Leslie Gielow Jacobs was quoted in this story on Donald Trump declaring a national emergency. She explained that Congress can express its disapproval with a resolution that goes through a complicated House-Senate procedure. A majority vote would put the resolution on Trump's desk for possible veto. It would then go back to Congress, which could override the veto with a two-third majority. And then there's the possibilities of a lawsuit to challenge Trump's move, Jacobs told ABC 10.

"Give Kids a Smile," "Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa," KNTV (San Francisco, NBC), Feb. 24, 2019: Dugoni's Allen Wong was on this program to promote Dugoni's free "Give Kids a Smile" health fairs.

"Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown's legacy continues to make an impact," Fox 2 (KTVU, Oakland), Feb. 24, 2019: Alumnus George Moscone was mentioned in this story about Willie Brown. "When George Moscone and I were in law school together, we worked as janitors at Hastings College of Law. No other two janitors became mayors of San Francisco working at Hastings. So clearly the quality of work, there is dignity and there are lessons. And I learned them all," said Brown. The on-air story shows a couple of photos of Moscone and Brown together.

"'Donald Trump, We'll See You In Court': Newsom Says California Will Sue Over Border Emergency Declaration," Capital Public Radio News, Feb. 15, 2019: Brian Landsburg, a professor emeritus at McGeorge, was quoted in this story about Donald Trump's declaration of a national emergency. "I think courts are going to be concerned about what kind of a precedent this would set," he told Capital Public Radio News. "This is so unusual. I'm not aware of other declarations of emergency being challenged in court."

"Suspect in Modesto bar shooting arrested. Does he have a case for self defense?," The Modesto Bee, Feb. 22, 2019:  McGeorge's Michael Vitiello was quoted in this story about a deadly shooting outside a Modesto bar. "He is not allowed to use killing force to protect his property, but is allowed to use reasonable force," Vitiello told The Bee. "He is allowed to use deadly force if he is threatened with deadly force or great bodily injury. ... Absence some good videotape, what it really will come down to is a credibility battle." The story also appeared in The Sacramento Bee, The Merced Sun Star and San Luis Obispo Tribune.

"As California Pours Money into Denti-Cal Reform, State Sees Modest Improvements," California Health Report, Feb. 14, 2019: Dugoni's Paul Glassman was quoted in this story on incentives for dentists to treat patients in California's Denti-Cal program. Virtual dental home, which brings hygienists to schools, community centers and other locations where low-income patients gather, was developed by Glassman and was also mentioned. "About two-thirds of very low-income kids could be kept healthy without seeing a dentist," Glassman told California Health Report.

"Up Close & Personal With Nigeria's Presidential Candidates," The Chronicle (Tesano, Accra, Ghana), Feb. 16, 2019: Asukwo Mendie Archibong, a candidate to become the next president of Nigeria, received his JD at McGeorge. "Asukwo Mendie Archibong, Esq., owns Archibong Law Firm in the United States of America where he practices litigation in a variety of areas," reads a portion of the story. "He also owns various other companies including ClerkCentral and AmazingTower Foundation. Through AmazingTower Foundation, Archibong, Esq., has successfully provided access to health care for school children who are in school in Nigeria."

"Downtown Stockton Alliance introduces historical tour of city," The Record, Feb. 17, 2019: Alumna Courtney Wood, the Downtown Stockton Alliance economic development coordinator, had the lead role in assembling the elements comprising a virtual walking tour of Stockton. "Even people who are from Stockton could always learn something,″ Wood, who has bachelor's and master's degrees from Pacific, told The Record. "And the good news about this is it's free, open to anyone who is interested."

"Is the World Ready for This Gelly?," Eater Chicago, Feb. 11, 2019: One of our regular media sources, Ken Albala, quoted on Chicago's "Every single medieval cookbook at that time has gelatin in it," Albala told the website, adding that people of the time were excited by this "solid, jiggly thing."

"Lodi Woman With Rare Disease at a Loss after 'Miracle Drug' Price Skyrockets," Fox 40, Feb. 11, 2019: Eberhardt's Peter Hilsenrath was quoted in this story about skyrocketing drug prices. "We need to take a harder look into (drug) patents," he told Fox 40. "When we have a system of patents that protects drugs for extended periods of time, it's to be expected that some drugs could be very, very expensive."

"Pacific Tigers Go Pink," "Good Day Sacramento" (CW31), Feb. 16, 2019: Women's basketball coach Bradley Davis was interviewed in this story about the team's last home game and playing to bring more awareness to finding a cure for cancer.  

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