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Education Abroad

International Programs and Services
Bechtel International Center
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

Financial Planning

When you study abroad through University of the Pacific you pay the same tuition you would on campus, and you are earning Pacific units through your chosen program.


You are charged Pacific's tuition plus a $150 education abroad administration fee. All financial aid and/or scholarships that you receive towards your Pacific tuition can be applied towards study abroad. (Tuition remission students must select a Pacific Bilateral Exchange or ISEP Exchange program.)

You must pay your Pacific bill as if you were studying on campus. Payments can be made online, in the office or by mail.

Personal Expenses


Students are responsible for:

  • Housing (unless otherwise covered)
  • Meals (unless otherwise covered)
  • Airfare and travel expenses
  • Excursions and personal travel
  • School supplies, fees and textbooks
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Health insurance

Take note, financial aid does not get disbursed until the first day of classes and must first be allocated towards tuition costs, so if you are planning on using your financial aid disbursement to cover non-tuition expenses, you may need to work out a payment plan with your program provider.  Don't wait to apply for scholarships!  Apply now!  

You may also contact Student Accounts or Financial Aid if you have specific questions.