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Pacific's Third Annual Assessment Conference Delivers

Feb 14, 2019
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Seven presentations by faculty and staff at the assessment conference explored the intersection of academic programs and student support services, from first day on campus to career interview. These presentations highlighted faculty and staff's commitment to the whole student experience leading to improved student learning and retention.  

Questions from the over fifty attending faculty and staff ranged from "would you be willing to do a workshop on this topic?"  to "what strategies do you use to assist students with narrowing their research topic?" Many moments like these echoed the conference motto: "come learn from colleagues." You can review the presentations here (Pacific log-in required). 

1.   Do You Know What to Do if Your Financial Aid Does Not Cover Your Balance?
      Michelle Yan, Student, Division of Student Life and Ashton Ricketts, New Student and Family Programs
2.   Using Institutional Data to Assess Program (and Student) Success
      Melanie Hash and Eileen Camfield, University Writing Center
3.   Developing a Sense of Self and Belonging in Residential Life
      Maria Lazaro, Leticia Caballero, and Tavaris Baxter, Residential Life
4.   Using Guided Self-Assessment and Peer Review to Enhance Student Learning
      Stephanie Thompson, McGeorge School of Law
5.   Assessment of an Undergraduate Research Outcome: To Explore Effective Ways of Helping Students get
      Engaged in Undergraduate Research
      Qingwen Dong, College of the Pacific - Communications
6.   Connecting Courses to Capstone
      Kieran Holland, College of the Pacific - Physics
7.   Assessment of Students' Interviewing Skills: An Ongoing Practice to Assist Our Students' Career Success
      Shannon Edminster and Christine Haruta, Career Resource Center

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