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Sponsored Program Proposals, & Research Compliance
Knoles Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 202

Lisa Jones Ph.D
Grant Program Specialist

ORSP Grant Proposal Submission Services

Required Service

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    For every grant proposal that goes through our ORSP office the service below applies. 

    • Our Office Support
      • Let us Know! -
        • Please notify as soon as you know you are planning a proposal!
      • Access to Proposal -
        • Depending on the Agency we will either
          • Create a proposal for you
          • And/Or need access to the proposal
          • And/Or need access to the proposal platform
      • Getting Organized-
        • We will send you this list of items required below with due dates required for your submission.
        • Custom submission timeline and calendar invites will be added for notifications of submission that are 4+ weeks in advance.
      • Support with Proposal-
        • We will help with:
          • creating profile or account for the agency and/or proposal
          • General information and or help on guidelines
          • General scan for documents required to be signed by the university
      • Review/ Approval/ Submission
        • We will review the required items and the completed Electronic Routing Form below before submission.
        • Check warnings and Errors before submission
        • We will submit for federal submissions and/or submission platforms with AOR required submission.

      • Items Required for Submission
        • Electronic Cayuse SP Electronic Routing Form Review and Approval
        • Budget and Budget Justification Internal Review and Approval      
        • Associated Subawards under a Pacific Prime Submission Review and Approval
          • Include the contact information and related documents in your electronic routing form and send to ASAP
        • Proposal Errors and Warning Resolved/ Cleared
          • We will validate your proposal for federal submissions and/or submission platforms with AOR required submission.
        • Certifications and Representations/ Preliminary Terms Review
          • Any terms that need to be reviewed before submission, especially if we are accepting terms on submission. To get started go to our info page on Contract Management Office here. (This is a separate process and department from ORSP) NSF, NIH,  and general Federal funders without specialty clauses are excluded.
        • Any additional items needed as applicable and/or required by routing
          • Examples include: NIH FCOI, IDC Justification, Completed training, IRB, Toxic Materials, Export Controls etc.


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