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Cisco Web Portal (CCMUser)

Cisco Web Portal (CCMUser) Instructions

Many Cisco VoIP phone features* can be set up via the online interface. Instructions for each of these activities are included below.

  • Change your phone PIN
  • Manage Speed Dials
  • Change Ring Settings
  • Forward your calls

Logging in

To use the online interface, log in with your organization's credentials:

Unified Communications Self Care Portal Interface

After you log in, you will see the Unified Communications Self Care Portal:

The menu at the top of the page (right underneath Unified Communications Self Care Portal) includes links to:

  • Phones - Use this page to view your phones or add an additional phone, change your phone settings, or forward calls.
  • Voicemail - Not used at this time.
  • IM & Availability - Turn on status updates or the Do Not Disturb setting.
  • General Settings - Change your Phone Services PIN.


Company phones

To see what phones are registered in your name, click the Phones menu item and then click My Phones.  Company phones registered to you

Speed dial numbers

  1. To add a new speed dial number, click Phones > Phone settings > Speed Dial NumbersAdd New Speed Dial.
  2. Enter a phone number, label, and speed dial number and click Save

    Add speed dial

Ring settings

For each phone number listed in the Self Care Portal, you can change how you are notified of an incoming call. You can change these settings for when you are on a call and when you are not on a call.  To change the setting, click Phones > Phone Settings > Ring Settings. Click the default setting and then click the desired setting and click Save.

 ring settings

Call history

To log missed calls for each of your phones, click Phones > Phone Settings > Call History. Check the box under Log Missed Calls ​and then click Save. If you do not wish to log missed calls, uncheck the box and click Save.

  Click the check mark under Log Missed Calls

Phone contacts

You can add new contacts and search saved contacts by going to Phones > Phone Settings > Phone Contacts

  1. Add a new contact by clicking Create New Contact

    Click Create New Contact
  2. Enter the Display Name, phone number, and other information about the contact and then click Save

    Click save

You can search for phone contacts by entering a name in the search box. The results will narrow as you type.

Search for phone contacts by entering a name in the search box

To edit a contact, click the pencil icon to the right of the contact's name. You may also delete the contact by clicking the X next to the contact's name. 

Call forwarding

​To forward your calls, click Phones > Call Forwarding.  Select whether you want to forward calls to voicemail or to another phone number and then click Save.

Select voicemail or enter a phone number and then click save.

IM & Availability

Do not disturb 

The Do Not Disturb feature means that when others call you, you will only hear a single beep instead of a ringing tone. Select Turn on and then click Save if you want to turn on the Do Not Disturb feature for your Cisco desk phone.

Check the box to enable the do not disturb setting

General Settings

Phone PIN

The General Settings menu item gives you the option of setting a new phone services PIN. This PIN is only used to log into your phone via a feature called Extension Mobility, it is not the same as your voicemail PIN. Extension Mobility allows your phone config to travel with you, and must be requested and set up before the feature will work. To set a new PIN, type in a new PIN, re-enter the same PIN to confirm, and then click Save

Enter a new phone PIN and then confirm your new PIN

*Some features may not be available to all subscribers