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Reaccreditation update and frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Jan 8, 2019

Pacific is undergoing reaccreditation—What's that?
Reaccreditation is a routine review to ensure Pacific maintains high educational standards and is committed to ongoing improvement. Pacific is currently accredited through 2019.

At least once every 10 years, universities and colleges in the U.S. must be reaccredited by their regional accreditor. Pacific's regional accreditor is the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). WSCUC accredits the entire institution, not specific programs. 

Why is this important?
WSCUC is one of seven regional accreditors that are considered the gold standard for higher education in the U.S. This accreditation provides the stamp of approval that a university meets high standards of quality. Being accredited benefits Pacific's students, faculty and staff by:

  • Providing students access to federal financial aid (loans and grants).
  • Ensuring students' credits and degrees are transferrable to other universities and credible to employers.
  • Qualifying the university to access federal and private grant funds that support faculty and student research and student support programs.

What is the process and timeline?

  • Fall 2016: Pacific's Reaccreditation Steering Committee began by collecting evidence (information provided by academic and administrative units across the university) and interviewing stakeholders.
  • June 2018: The committee used this evidence to produce a 74-page institutional report that describes different aspects of the university and the four "hallmarks" of a Pacific education. (PacificNet login required)
  • August 2018: The WSCUC peer review team evaluated our institutional report and responded with a list of commendations and lines of inquiry (areas of focus for their site visits). (PacificNet login required)
  • Beginning January 2019: The WSCUC peer review team will visit our three campuses to gather more information from students, faculty and staff.

What are the four "hallmarks" of a Pacific education?
Reaccreditation Steering Committee members met with faculty, staff, students and alumni to gather information about Pacific to write our institutional report (PacificNet login required). These discussions helped the steering committee identify four hallmarks of a Pacific education that are common across all programs and campuses: 

  • Student engagement with faculty and staff
  • Applied learning
  • Service to communities
  • Preparedness for the future

You can read more about these four hallmarks in chapter 3 of our institutional report (PacificNet login required).

What was WSCUC's response to our institutional report?
The WSCUC team commended Pacific's:

  • Commitment to its six core values
  • Strategic and five-year financial plans
  • Comprehensive academic and administrative program review
  • Student wellness efforts
  • Evaluation of program assessment and faculty development
  • Analysis of data to support student success programs

During the site visit, the WSCUC team will explore the following lines of inquiry:

  • Planning and decision-making
  • Appropriate oversight across the university
  • Assessment and use of results
  • Financial sustainability

Read the full description of the commendations and lines of inquiry on the Reaccreditation SharePoint site. (PacificNet login required)

What's next?
Members of our WSCUC peer-review team will visit Pacific's three campuses beginning this month to gather additional information to answer their lines of inquiry.

  • San Francisco: Jan. 31
  • Sacramento: Feb. 13
  • Stockton: March 5­-7

At the end of the Stockton campus visit, the team will conduct an exit meeting open to the entire university community Thursday, March 7, 11:30 a.m.-noon, where they will report to us their commendations and recommendations.

What's my role in the reaccreditation process?
Please familiarize yourself with our institutional report before the WSCUC team visits your campus. Students, faculty and staff will have opportunities to talk with the WSCUC team about their experiences at Pacific through:

  • Team sessions for faculty, students and staff on all three campuses during the site visits.
  • Individual/group meetings requested specifically by the WSCUC team.
  • Comments to a confidential email address WSCUC will provide in mid-February.

Look for ongoing reaccreditation updates, including the schedule for open-session meetings and the email address, as we get closer to the site visits. 

Where can I learn more?

Visit our Reaccreditation SharePoint site

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