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Emergency preparedness training

Jan 7, 2019

University of Pacific is committed to the safety and security of the Pacific community. Emergencies and disasters require all of us to respond quickly and appropriately. 

The Pacific Alert Team is responsible for the oversight of major emergencies and disasters on campus and has developed an Emergency Operations Manual guided by the principles of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Faculty, staff and students are responsible for being prepared for emergencies, so knowing how to respond effectively is critical. 

In January and February, the Department of Public Safety will be conducting emergency preparedness training. Stockton faculty and staff members must attend one of the six, one-hour training sessions that will focus on evacuation procedures, shelter in place practices, and responding to an active shooter and other emergency situations. 

The training sessions will be offered in the DeRosa University Center (DUC) Ballroom B or Janet Leigh Theatre so mark your calendars to attend. Having the knowledge on what to do during an emergency will guide you and others in our community through critical incidents and prepare you to take the proper actions. ·

Faculty and staff are encouraged to use Bridge to register now for one of the six sessions.

In preparation for your training session, please review Pacific's Emergency Management and Response website for guidelines on responding to emergencies. 

If you have questions about the training or emergency preparedness, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 209.946.2537. We look forward to your participation.

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