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Pacific in the Press | Dec. 18, 2018

Dec 18, 2018


Quote of the Week

"It only limits what government does to private people. ... But it does not limit a private employer." 

- — Leslie Gielow Jacobs, The Sacramento Bee, Dec. 13, 2018

Examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

"Selling shipyard safety: SF health official played a role in shipyard home sales," and San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 12, 2018: McGeorge's Mary-Beth Moylan quoted in this story. "The question is whether there is an appearance of bias or influence by having someone working closely and in connection with an entity that she is also regulating," Moylan told The Chronicle. "It does seem that the city has placed itself in a position where the success of the development is contingent on the land being safe and so is incentivized to find that the clean-up is successful." The story was shared on Construction Equipment Rental blog.

"Venting on social media? Yes, you can, but the First Amendment won't save your job," The Sacramento Bee, Dec. 13, 2018: McGeorge's Leslie Gielow Jacobs was quoted in this story. "The Constitution says the free speech guarantee is: 'Congress shall make no law restricting the freedom of speech,'" Jacobs told the Bee. "It only applies to the government, and it only limits what government does to private people. ... But it does not limit a private employer."

"Go local on housing, forget the surplus: Advice for the new governor from economists,", Dec. 12, 2018: The Center for Business and Policy Research's Jeff Michael was among seven economists asked to give Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom advice about the California economy. "Given the volatility of California's tax revenues, the state should not commit most of this surplus to on-going obligations," he told "However, Californians would benefit from increased education funding, and proposals to expand early childhood education have merit. I would like to see a jump start on investments that protect existing communities from the increased wildfire and flood risks that climate change is worsening."

"Judge rules ACA unconstitutional," KCRA3, Dec. 15, 2018: McGeorge's Leslie Gielow Jacobs was interviewed for this story about a federal judge's ruling that the America Care Act was unconstitutional. She said the act will stay in place while the courts sort out the ruling and there are appeals. She believes an appeals court will overturn the ruling.

"Christmas in Paradise fundraiser," Fox 40, Dec. 14, 2018: A fundraiser for the victims of the Camp Fire that wiped out Paradise was featured in this story. Pacific provided help and services to allow the event to be hosted in the DeRosa University Center. KCRA also covered the event:
"California Wildfires," KCRA3 via MY58, Dec. 14, 2018

"Folsom A to Z: Former Folsom Mayor Glenn Fait," The Folsom Telegraph, Dec. 14, 2018: McGeorge's former associate dean for special programs and former Folsom Mayor Glenn Fait was highlighted in this reoccurring feature.

"Paige Lampson voted to be next mayor of Galt," Lodi News-Sentinel, Dec. 12, 2018: Alumna Paige Lampson '85 was elected Galt mayor. "I'm just so excited to work with the council," Lampson told the News-Sentinel. "We all have a great mutual respect for each other, and we can disagree with dignity and work as a team for the betterment of Galt."

"Indresano Takes Reigns as AAOMS President," Dentistry Today
, Dec. 14, 2018: Dugoni's former endowed professor and chair of oral and maxillofacial surgery A. Thomas Indresano was featured in this story about him becoming next president of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

"Texas Tech receives $9.1M to grow National Teacher Prep Center,", Dec. 14, 2018: Pacific is mentioned as a partner in this teacher-prep program.

"Former Tiger qualifies for Tour," The Record
, Dec. 12, 2018: Alumnus Byron Meth '15 qualified for the Tour, essentially the minor leagues for professional golf.

"Celebrating 20 Years of Project ExCEEd - An Oral History,"
, Dec. 13, 2018: Engineering's Camilla Saviz was quoted in this story. "The best part about ExCEEd is sharing the joy I find in teaching with other faculty so they can improve," she told "Then seeing or hearing from them again after a semester or several years, and learning that because of ExCEEd, they now see no limit to how they can use creativity, innovation, and empathy as key elements of their teaching - and that they have great fun doing it and are better educators and researchers as a result."

"San Joaquin film festival features local, international works," The Record
, Dec. 13, 2018: Pacific again was a partner in presenting the San Joaquin International Film Festival. "It's a special, special experience for me," said Paul Bestolarides, 26, who made his first film when he was 16. "I always went to the movies as much as I could in Stockton. I went to every theater, back in the day. I still do. I met (festival organizer Sophoan Sorn) because I attended his film festival. I would watch the student films from (University of the Pacific) and I wanted to show one of my films one day."

"Glorious Leader Repeats Stupid Lie About Obama," blog
, Dec. 12, 2018: Comments by McGeorge's Michael Malloy to PolitiFact in March 2016 were used in this blog item. 

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