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Education Abroad

International Programs and Services
Bechtel International Center
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

Plan Your Trip

Planning is a vital component of Study Abroad, but you're not alone. The Education Abroad Office, your professors and advisors, the Financial Aid and Student Accounts Offices, and your family are all important resources in the process.

As you start the process, it's important to know some fundamental details: the eligibility criteria, costs, and university policies. It's also crucial that you communicate with your advisor.

Eligibility Criteria (for semester/full-year programs)

To be eligible, you must meet Pacific's requirements AND the requirements of the program you choose. Pacific's requirements are:

  • Sophomore standing or above, plus minimum of one semester enrollment at Pacific
  • Minimum GPA of 2.50
  • Successful completion of INTL 151 "Cross-Cultural Training I" with a grade of C or above
  • Completion of all fundamental skills requirements

You also must complete Pacific's application including:

  • Approval from faculty advisor(s) via the Course Approval Request form
  • Disciplinary Clearance
  • Transcript(s)
  • Approval from the Education Abroad Office
  • $150 non-refundable Education Abroad administration fee
  • All deadlines met
  • NOTE: Program providers and host institutions may have additional application fees/requirements including language requirements

Finally, there are pre-departure steps required of all students:

  • Upload Passport Copy, Risk and Release form, Proof of International Health Insurance coverage
  • Update Emergency Contacts
  • Register for SABD 000 (placeholder course for transfer of credits)
  • Attend Pre-Departure Orientation

INTL 151

Cross Cultural Training I, or INTL 151, is much more than a prerequisite. It's a course that helps prepare you for the challenges of living abroad, and facilitates a deeper understanding of your destination.  Bonus perk: one way to fulfill Pacific's Diversity Requirement is to study abroad and also complete both INTL 151 + 161.



Pacific's Application Deadline:
For Fall programs:  February 22
For Spring programs:  September 24 

NOTE: In addition to completing Pacific's application you are also required to complete a separate application from your program provider.  Each provider--and sometimes the individual program--has its own deadline which can be found on the provider's website.  You are responsible for keeping track of your program's deadlines, and any secondary dates for things like fees, visa applications, or housing requests.