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Education Abroad

International Programs and Services
Bechtel International Center
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

Application Instructions


Application Timeline

  • Step 1: Attend an info session. Contact the Education Abroad Office to schedule an advising session (
  • Step 2: Take Cross Cultural Training I (INTL 151). This course is a pre-requisite for all semester study abroad programs.
  • Step 3: Research your options. Meet with your academic advisor to identify what requirements you could fulfill abroad.  Search the approved program websites and read student reviews.  Meet with the Education Abroad Office if you need help.
  • Step 4: Create an account in Pacific's application portal. Click APPLY NOW above, create an account, and then find your program through the map page and click Apply.
  • Step 5: Complete Pacific's application forms. There are nine required forms for Pacific's semester study abroad application (see below for details).
  • Step 6: Complete your program's application. All program providers have a completely separate application that you must submit with separate deadlines.
  • Step 7: Apply for scholarships. Don't wait--submit early and apply for as many as you are eligible for.

Semester Study Abroad Application and Enrollment Forms Explained

Application Forms

  • Advising Session Attendance: You simply need to verify that you have attended a study abroad info session and been advised of Pacific's policies and procedures for Study Abroad.
  • Authorization Form: This is a FERPA release.  If a family member calls with questions about your program, it gives Pacific permission to speak with them. 
  • The Course Approval Request (CAR) form: This form is how you get your classes approved.  It requires signatures from your academic advisor(s) and the Gen Ed coordinator (depending on what requirements you want to fulfill).
  • INTL 151 Enrollment Verification: You only need to click a submit button.  Another office will verify you have taken/are taking INTL 151.
  • Disciplinary Clearance: You only need to click a submit button.  Another office will verify you are in good standing.
  • Interest Profile: General biographical information
  • Estimated Budget: You need to request an estimated budget from the Assistant Director and then get a signature from the Financial Aid Office.
  • Transcript(s): Unofficial transcripts accepted
  • COVID Waiver and Petition: Education Abroad programs will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Enrollment Forms--these will not appear until you finish all application forms

  • Assumption of Risk and Release: a document for you to sign and upload
  • Copy of Passport: Self-explanatory
  • Proof of International Health Insurance: For most students, you will pay for international health insurance through your program provider.  Know your coverage!

Once the enrollment forms are completed, the Education Abroad Office will submit an override for you to be able to register for SABD 000. This is a placeholder course, so you can maintain full time student status and return with 12-18 credits from abroad.