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Procurement Services | UNIVERSITY CONTRACTS

About Contracts Team

Services Supported

The University Contracts Management Office (CMO) team provides centralized contract management throughout the lifecycle of contracts. Primary services performed are to facilitate and guide the necessary review and approval in accord with policy and regulatory enforcement. Additional support includes but not limited to the following:

  • Coordinate Contract Requests
  • Advise on Contractual Matters
  • Provide Guidance through Negotiations
  • Draft Legal Documents, Terms & Conditions
  • Administer completion of Necessary Review, Legal Included
  • Facilitate Timely Renewal or Termination of Contracts
  • Support Reporting Requirements (Regulatory, Audit, Departmental)
  • Maintain Contracts Repository of Signed Contracts
  • Utilize Data to establish Master Contracts, Savings and Maximum Value
  • Enforce Policy Requirements

Contracts Team Defined

The Contracts Team is comprised of University identified Core and Supplemental Reviewers and are not intended to replace existing review protocols that are currently happening at the department or campus level. The designed reviewers standardize the review process at an institutional level prior to departments executing appropriate contract signature approval in a streamlined automated system.

Review Cycle Timeline

Chevron providing timeline for Intake, Review and Approval timelines

New contract requests are processed within 1-3 days and submitted simultaneously to necessary reviewers. Estimated review by Core University Reviewers typically ranges from 3-10 days. Approvals can take up to 5-10 days depending on the Authorized signer on record. Contracts more complex in nature (i.e. Technology) or requiring Supplemental review and/or external counsel review may add significant time to this process. Tip! Plan ahead to integrate necessary time into planning prior to negotiating terms.  Consultations with appropriate subject matter experts are suggested if guidance or clarity is needed, in early stages of planning.

Core University Reviewers

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)   

"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box

Pacific Technology

"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box

Office of General Counsel

"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box

Procurement Services Department

(209) 946-2206

Supplemental Contract Reviewers

"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box Facilities, Capital Planning "Photo Coming Soon" Black Box

PacificCard Office

"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box

Finance, Treasury and Fiscal Services

"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box Provost Office - Academic Units
"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box


(209) 946-7336

"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box

Research & Sponsored Programs

"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box Human Resources "Photo Coming Soon" Black Box Others - As Deemed Necessary

Additional Roles

"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box Authorized Approvers (By-Laws/Delegated)
"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box Super Users (Self-Service System, currently in Pilot)
"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box System Admin (Cobblestone Implementation)
"Photo Coming Soon" Black Box Department Reviewers (Prior to Central Entry Point)

These lists are intended as a guide and are not exhaustive. Standardized University review will be based upon contract type, risk and other variables as determined necessary through policy & software implementation to create automated workflows and approval.