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Pacific in the Press | Nov. 20, 2018

Nov 20, 2018


Quote of the Week

"The data are fundamental to informing the firefighters what’s likely to happen and what to do and when to do it" 

- Rick Hutley, The Record, Nov. 18, 2018

Examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

"Documentary Highlights Impact of Late SF Mayor George Moscone," KQED's Forum, Nov. 19, 2018: The documentary about alumnus George Moscone '53 was featured in this nearly hour-long broadcast that included interviews with Moscone's son, Jonathan, and Steve Talbot, the writer of the documentary, "Moscone: A Legacy of Change."

"Data era changes approach to fighting fires," The Record, Nov. 18, 2018: Data Sciences' Rick Hutley was interviewed for this front-page story on how data is used to determine the probability of wildfires in California. "Without the data, without data scientists modeling what's going on and feeding the firefighting teams, then the firefighting teams would be fighting the fire blind," Hutley told The Record. "They would simply be standing on the ground trying to guess where is the fire likely to go. The data are fundamental to informing the firefighters what's likely to happen and what to do and when to do it."

"Volunteers help Emergency Food Bank prepare for Monday's food box giveaway," The Record, Nov. 18, 2018: Ash Rutherford, Pacific's Religious and Spiritual Life student coordinator, and Alumni's Janice Wagner were quoted in this story about boxing donated food to be given out by the Emergency Food Bank. "As part of Pacific and as a human, it's important that you take time throughout your life, throughout your day to do these small acts of kindness," Rutherford told The Record. "I think it's important to realize that we are living a very fortunate and privileged life, and the least we can do is give back to those in need and those who cannot repay us. ... To do something small like this on a Saturday morning, I'd say it's a good day."

"Democrat Harder Ousts California GOP US Rep. Denham," Fox 40, Nov. 13, 2018: Political sciences' Keith Smith was interviewed for this story on Josh Harder's victory in the race to unseat Jeff Denham in the 10th Congressional District. Smith said Harder will have a challenge ahead in fighting to have the Central Valley's voice heard in Congress. "He is a freshman member in a legislative body that does not value individuals," Smith said.
"THE CALIFORNIA REPORT: Proposition 6 and the Polls: How You Ask a Question Really Matters," KQED, Nov. 5, 2018: Political sciences' Keith Smith was quoted in this story about polls and Proposition 6 to repeal the fuel tax and vehicle fees. "The trend should be trusted for a couple of reasons," Smith told KQED. "One, traditionally the closer we get to an election, the more opposition there is to any initiative. ... Historically, you need to be polling well ahead in order to feel confident going into the election."

"Support Grows For Harder In Days After District 10 Win," CBS 13 (KOVR), Nov. 14, 2018: Political sciences' Keith Smith commented in this story about the Josh Harder-Jeff Denham race for the 10th Congressional District. "Congressional races used to be about the local district (and) local issues, and this campaign wasn't about those things. It was about Nancy Pelosi, it was about health care, it was about Trump," Smith told KOVR.

"Bay Area lost thousands of jobs in October," The Mercury News via The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa), Nov. 18, 2018: Jeff  Michael, Center for Business and Policy Research's executive director, is quoted in this story about the loss of jobs in the Bay Area. "The tech sector is very strong and very impressive," Michael told The Mercury News. "But you are starting to see some slowdowns in some other non-tech industries."

"The Long Pint of the Law: McGeorge professor develops unique course on the legalities around craft beer," Comstock Magazine, Nov. 16, 2018: McGeorge's Dan Croxall was interviewed for this story about the first-ever craft beer law class at an American law school, which he teaches. "No one else in the country is doing it," Croxall told Comstock Magazine. "I think McGeorge saw that, and they've been very helpful and supportive. ... The deans recognized that this is actually a point of distinction and gave me the class when they didn't have to. I think they recognize that somebody should be doing it, and it should be us."

"Eclectic concert has something for everybody," The Record, Nov. 14, 2018: The Conservatory's Trio 180, including Ann Miller, Vicky Wang and Sonia Leong, was featured in this story about an upcoming concert. "It's been a lot of fun for us," Miller told The Record of the music the trio were to play. "It gets us playing in different styles we're not accustomed to playing. There was a moment in rehearsal we were trying to make sense of the ragtime style, the swing style."

"Poor air quality leads to concerns for student-athletes," The Record, Nov. 18, 2018: University of the Pacific was mentioned among other schools rescheduling games due to poor air quality in the region due to the Camp fire in Butte County.

"Our view: If every vote counts, every vote must be counted," The Record, Nov. 14, 2018: Political sciences' Keith Smith was quoted in this editorial on a local election.

"Impress Your Family With These First Thanksgiving Fun Facts,", Nov 16, 2018: History's Ken Albala was mentioned in this story.

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