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Following up with the Pacific Community | November 13, 2018

November 13, 2018

Dear Pacific faculty, staff and students,  

As you are most likely aware, on November 5, the Chair of the Academic Council delivered to me the results of the faculty vote on the resolution of no confidence in the president, indicating that there was a majority in support of the resolution. The Board of Regents takes this action by the faculty very seriously and feels that further discussions with the university community are necessary prior to a formal response from the board.

In my letter to you on October 31, I stated that the board values your voices, and that the collaboration that is needed between all university constituents requires that we listen to each other. To that end, a series of meetings have either already been scheduled, or will soon be scheduled with various leadership groups within the university (staff, faculty, students, and alumni). The goal of these meetings is to gain a deeper understanding of your concerns and to listen to proposed solutions.

The board is committed to a plan going forward whereby we live within our means, pay our employees competitively, and build innovative programs and services for our students. The path to success on this endeavor will be difficult and will include hard choices. We may not all agree on the steps needed to ensure Pacific’s success, but I am hopeful that we can keep our dialogue respectful and always mindful of the environment we create for our students and employees.

Once board members have had a chance to meet with the groups mentioned above, and we have discussed the outcomes of these meetings, a formal reply to the faculty vote will be provided.

I want to thank all of you for maintaining your passion for Pacific. It truly is all of you who make Pacific special.


Kevin Huber '86
Chair, Board of Regents