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user-powered treadmills

Baun Fitness Center members have access to four new user-powered treadmills thanks to funding from the Sustainability Project Investment Fund.

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Campus Life

Sustainability Project Investment Fund brings zero electricity treadmills to campus

Oct 12, 2018

University of the Pacific is committed to creating a campus culture that advances a sustainable future among all members of the Pacific community. Across all three campuses, Pacific is implementing sustainable practices.

Among the most recent enhancements are four new user-powered treadmills, which were installed in the Baun Fitness Center on the Stockton Campus this past summer. The treadmills do not require plug-in electricity, so operating them has a zero carbon footprint.

This purchase was made possible through funding from the Sustainability Project Investment Fund. Pacific Recreation applied for and was awarded funding to purchase the equipment. This enhancement is more environmentally friendly and reduces the university's consumption of electricity. The new treadmills also provide users state-of-the-art equipment meeting the current trends in fitness and wellbeing.

Functional training—training for day-to-day activities—is a growing form of exercise, and these treadmills allow Pacific Recreation to provide these experiences to the university community. Since installation in late July, the treadmills have been used for more than 47 hours.

"At first members are nervous to try the new equipment. However, once they get on the treadmills, we see repeat use often," said Marc Falkenstein, director of Pacific Recreation.

The Sustainability Project Investment Fund was established to support projects that contribute to sustainability. Viable projects are those that reduce resource use; have measurable economic, social or environmental benefits; and support sustainability education and engagement. Faculty, staff, and students with a faculty or staff sponsor from any Pacific campus are eligible to apply for project funding. Projects are reviewed and selected by the Sustainability Committee. Visit the Sustainability Project Investment Fund website for more information, examples of previously funded projects and to apply for funding. Proposals for 2019 will be due in February.

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