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Assessment Resources

(Also see Assessment Tools for the Cycle)

  • Annual assessment of program learning outcomes (site page)
  • Assessment glossaries
o   AACU (external link)

o   WASC (external link)
o   Measurement terms as annotated by McTighe and Arter (external pdf)
  • Assessment in Student Life at Pacific. Assessment in Student Life reinforces and complements academic assessment of student learning outcomes. In its allied co-curricular mission, Student Life promotes a culture of meaningful student learning through its programs and services. (Pacific website)

  • Assessment Faculty Workshops (October 2019)  Pacific faculty and staff attended a workshop series designed to engage faculty in activities to improve student learning. During the first workshop, attendees were guided through exercises that prompted them to question how they designed assignments for their students. Participants used an assignment prompt and worked through CSUMB’s assignment guides. The second workshop prompted participants to reimagine ways to help students understand critical thinking. Participants worked in groups to create a diagram that depicted critical thinking. The workshops were facilitated by Swarup Wood, Professor of Chemistry at CSU Monterey Bay and assessment scholar with more than 20 years experience in teaching and assessment.

  • Assessment workshop (October 2015) A comprehensive workshop on assessing student learning outcomes at Pacific addressed "assessment basics" from the perspective of a learning paradigm, as well those more specific to Arts and Humanities and to Social and Natural Sciences. Facilitators were Laura Martin (UC Merced) and David Chase (American Film Institute).
  • Backward design in course
  • re of meaningful student learning through its programs and services. (Pacific website)
    •  and program development
    • Curriculum-embedded assessment  - in Learning Processes and Outcomes site (site page)
    • Curriculum mapping (site page)
    • Focus group as method  - an indirect assessment
    • Learning outcomes (sequencing developmentally)
      • Student-friendly framework for program learning outcomes (pdf)
      • Carnegie Melon articulation of educational value of course objectives and developmental sequencing (external pdf)
      • University of Arkansas developmental sequence of objectives within a course (external link)
    • Learning outcomes (support for writing these)
      • Student-friendly framework for program learning outcomes (pdf)
      • Two step-by-step frameworks for writing learning outcomes (external link)
      • Workplace Competency Model Clearinghouse (external link)
    • Literature on assessment
      • AAHE's nine principles of good assessment practice. This is an historically important document that established higher education's ideals for assessing student learning outcomes. (external pdf)
      • A Common Sense Approach to Assessment and Accreditation (blog by Linda Suskie)
      • Assessment Update This is a bimonthly newsletter that covers the latest developments of assessment in higher education. The articles are brief and practical. (Journal available from the Pacific library).
      • Guidelines for Judging the Effectiveness of Assessing Student Learning. Braskamp (2014) provides a conceptual framework that in bullet-form supports planning, implementing, and optimizing campus-based assessment efforts to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. (external pdf)
      • National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) provides reports, occasional papers, and assessment briefs for higher education. (external website)
    • Scholarship of Teaching. Learning, and Assessment (site page)