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Pacific in the Press | Sept. 4, 2018

Sep 4, 2018


Quote of the Week

"‘Food deserts’ makes it a structural issue that has to do with urban development and redlining and economic history. Obviously, it’s a step forward." 

- Alison Alkon,, Aug. 30, 2018

Examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

"President Arif Alvi: A political journey marked by steady achievements,", Sept. 4, 2018: Dugoni alumnus Arif Alvi '84 was elected president of Pakistan. "Alvi has a distinguished academic career in dentistry," reads a portion of the story. "After doing his BDS from De'Montmorency College of Dentistry Lahore, in the late 1960s, Alvi did his Masters degree in Prosthodontics from the University of Michigan. He has also earned a Masters in Orthodontics from the University of the Pacific and served as a President of Asia Pacific Dental Federation." The story was picked up by several other news outlets in the region.
"PTI's Dr Arif Alvi elected 13th President of Pakistan,", Sept. 4, 2018

"The Hidden Resilience of 'Food Desert' Neighborhoods,", Aug. 30, 2018: Sociology's Alison Alkon was quoted in this story about the shortage of grocery stores, or "food deserts," in Washington, D.C. neighborhoods. "Many of the debates over food and health disparities, especially if you look at the pop-culture debates, they're so individualistic," Alkon told "They're focused on 'Why do you not have the willpower to put down the McDonald's and go exercise?' ... "'Food deserts' makes it a structural issue that has to do with urban development and redlining and economic history. Obviously, it's a step forward."

"Juvenile Crime Debate: Law Restricting Teens From Being Tried As Adults Heads To Governor's Desk," CBS 13 (Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto), Aug. 31, 2018: McGeorge's John Myers commented in this story on Senate Bill 1391 that if signed by the governor would keep juveniles 15 years old or younger from being tried as adults. "It's a symptom of the modern trend to believe that kids that are that young, of the age of 14 and 15 are probably not capable of really the kind of sophistication that would expect to be tried in criminal court. ... There are some very sophisticated 14- and 15-year-old gangbangers out there that are cold-blooded killers so I understand that if your child or loved one is killed by a gang member who happens to be 15 why you think it's wrong, it's a sympathetic argument."

"5 things to know about California's new bail reform law," KCRA3 (NBC, Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto), Aug. 29, 2018: McGeorge's Clark Kelso commented in this story on the state eliminating bail for suspects awaiting trial and replacing it with a risk-assessment system. "The court has the obligation to make sure that these are essentially scientifically validated risk assessment tools," Kelso told KCRA3. "It is really the responsibility of the courts." He added, "There's a really strong imperative in speedy trials for criminal cases. I'm confident the courts will be able to figure out a way to do this without substantially slowing down the criminal process."

"2018 Men's Water Polo Preview: The Golden Coast Conference,", Aug. 28, 2018: Water polo coach James Graham and several of his players were mentioned in this season preview that predicts the men's team will again take the Golden Coast Conference title. "To paraphrase one pundit from the Water Polo Planet message board, Pacific used to be good every other year; now they're good all the time," reads a portion of the preview.

"Cultural roots are alive, strong at Pow Wow," The Record, Aug. 30, 2018: Pacific El Centro's Ines Ruiz-Huston was quoted in this story about the 37th annual Stockton Pow Wow hosted at Pacific over the Labor Day Weekend. "Friends gathered at the Pow Wow to speak of recent achievements, to share their good fortune and thank the Creator who enlightened their everyday life," she told The Record. "Throughout the generations the American Indian persevered to maintain the path directed by their ancestors. The intertribal Pow Wow of today is a gathering that resumes that same spirit within a multi-tribal community."

"Lawsuit Filed Against Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs," CBS 13 (Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto), Aug. 29, 2018: McGeorge's Leslie Jacobs was quoted in this story about a complaint against Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs. "You should understand that the constitution allows people to say lots and lots of things, and you should understand as well the internet and social media has made this whole free speech question so complicated," Jacobs she told CBS 13.

"Garum: In ancient Rome, this fermented fish sauce sparked a booming industry,", Aug. 30, 2018: History's Ken Albala was mentioned in this post about an ancient Roman fermented fish sauce. The entry noted that Albala had recreated a recipe for the sauce and called it a "riot of flavors and textures."

"How Top Universities Are Making a Difference Through Fundraising Programs,", Aug. 27, 2018: Pacific's #PacificGives annual day of giving was featured in this story about what universities and colleges do to make the student experience more fulfilling by providing opportunities to donate to support student success and faculty. "Through this program, alumni, students, family, and friends can renew their ties to the university," reads a portion of the story. "The #PacificGives 2017 program achieved its goal of raising 500 gifts in 24 hours. These gifts funded scholarships, vital equipment, facility upgrades, student travel, athletic teams, experiential learning opportunities, and more!"

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