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New Canvas Features

As the University's Learning Management System, Canvas enhances teaching and learning by providing students with improved access to assignments, course materials and grades while making communication with students, tracking student progress, and grading easier for faculty.

Canvas is constantly undergoing improvements to better suit the needs of students and teachers. Here are some of the more exciting new and improved features as of August, 2018:

Content duplication - quickly copy assignments, pages, discussions in your course.  Simply copy the assignment, and adjust due dates, titles, or questions, without needing to recreate the whole content piece.

Improved mobile apps - page view tracking, student and teacher specific apps to provide the most useful features.  Now you can post announcements, discussion posts, or do your grading, while on the go.  And your students can do their assignments, take quizzes, or participate in discussions, all through their phone.  And since those apps have their page views tracked, that activity will show up in the analytics available to you.

Improved student dashboard - allows students to see all course requirements at a glance, and add their own notes, appointments, and reminders.

Improved reliability - 99.992% uptime in past 12 months.

Nonscoring rubrics - Ever wanted to provide a rubric to your students to guide their work, without wanting to tie specific points to each part?  Now you can, using a non-scoring rubric. New Gradebook - The gradebook has added better filtering features, color coding, alternative grading options (such as excused assignments), late policies, along with improved speed for larger courses.

Quizzes.Next - Upgraded quizzing engine to allow more control, more options, and capture better, more meaningful data to positively affect the instructional process.  

Want to know more about any of these improvements? Reach out to the Center for Teaching and Learning, or to Pacific Technology (via the Help Desk or your TSP).