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People of Color

Develop your network

You will want to develop a network for many of the same reasons as finding a mentor. In fact, you can use many of the same resources to develop a network as you did to find a mentor. If you are looking for a mentor please feel free to reach out to the Career Resource Center or sign up for Tiger-to-Tiger our new online and mobile community for networking and mentoring created exclusively for Pacific students and alumni. Tiger-to-Tiger allows students and alumni to connect, share knowledge, and provide mentoring and career development opportunities. Click here to create your free account today.

How do you know if an employer is truly committed to diversity?

While it may be difficult to determine how truly supportive any employer is, exploring some key indicators on the employer's website can give you a sense of the espoused values of an organization.

  • A statement of their commitment to diversity, including goals and programs
  • In-house employee support or social networks for people of colorDiversity rankings of employers by various organizations
  • Recruitment efforts in cultural diversity publications or events
  • Membership in professional organizations for people of color
  • Look for racial/ethnic diversity amongst the senior management and Board of Directors
  • Talk to your friends and family about the employer - have they heard anything positive or negative about it?
  • Research an employer's compliance with federal laws - Use a search engine to enter the employer's name along with an identifying term such as "civil rights violation" or "lawsuit."
  • Visit the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's website to search for employers of interest
  • Keep in mind that often charges of discrimination can lead to an employer introducing new policies and changing the culture of their organization

When interviewing, make sure to ask current employees about the work climate. Good questions could include:

What is it like to work here? Could you describe the organization's culture?Could you give me an example of the organization's commitment to diversity?