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Career Assignments

Possible Internship & Career Fair Assignments:

Assignment A - Attend One of the Internship and Career Fairs

Student Task:

  •  Require student(s) to attend one of the Internship and Career Fairs hosted by the Career Resource Center.

Grading Criteria: 

  • The Career Resource Center can provide you with documentation that the student swiped in at the event.
  • Determine the points that will be awarded for participation.  Some faculty use the points as extra credit, a quiz score or points as a stand-alone assignment.

Assignment B - Test Drive a Career Path

Student Task:

  • Choose one company that is of interest to you and talk with the representative.  
    • Information about each of the attending organizations can be found in Tiger Jobs under Events
    • Be sure to thank the recruiter for his/her time and ask for a business card
  •  Write a report about the fair and the company. Make sure that the following information is covered:
    • What type of company or position interests you at this fair?
    • Choose one organization and answer the following questions:
      • Company Name
      • What are some of the key facts about this company?
      • What majors are they seeking at this event?
      • How many openings do they anticipate this year?
      • What characteristics and qualities do they seek in competitive candidates?
      • What methods do they use to identify qualified candidates?
    • Write a paragraph on your impression of this company
    • Write a paragraph on your impression of this career fair
    • Attach a copy of the recruiter's business card (if applicable) 

Grading Criteria:

  • Quality of overview of Internship & Career Fair and of analysis of the particular company
  • Readability - Correct grammar and spelling, good use of style, and clear sentences with no confusing passages

Assignment C - Prepare for the Internship & Career Fair

Visit Tiger Jobs and choose at least 2 employers you would be interested in learning more about or interested in working for that will be attending the Internship & Career Fair. 

Before the fair, answer the following questions about each employer you choose:

  • What does this employer do?  Products they produce? Services they offer?
  • What kinds of skills is this employer looking for a potential employee/intern to have?
  • What is this employer looking for - full time employees, interns, etc.?
  • What are questions you have for the employer? 

During the fair, talk with the employers you researched as well as others.

  • Ask the employers questions that you had from your research 

After the fair, reflection:

  • From doing this assignment, what is one thing that surprised you about this research?
  • What did you learn about the companies you interacted with?
  • Are there employers you interacted with that you want to continue to develop relationships with, apply to jobs with, etc.?
  • What are the next steps?
  • What do you wish you'd known or do before the Career Fair?
  • Write appropriate thank you notes and complete appropriate follow-up for the employers you interacted with. 

Possible Professional Introduction Assignment:

Assignment D - Develop an Elevator Speech / Professional Introduction

Student Task:

  • Key to successful job searches and especially at a career fair or networking event is the delivery of an effective Elevator Speech which is also known as a Professional Introduction.
  • Require that the student(s) develop their speech/introduction that answers the question, "Tell me about yourself" after exploring the tips offered here from the Career Resource Center.
  • To take this assignment to the next level, have the student submit their speech/introduction in a written format and/or as a video of themselves saying the content.  Grading Criteria:·      Did the student hit on the major points needed for their "Tell me about yourself" speech/introduction?
    • Background (education and/or how you began in the world of work)
    • Skills, strengths and accomplishments
    • Job focus and future career plans
  • Determine the points that will be awarded. Some faculty use the points as extra credit, a quiz score or points as a stand-alone assignment.  

 Possible StandOut Virtual/Online Mock Interview Assignment:

Student Task:

  • Faculty can create a practice interview for their students. For information on how to create a practice interview for your class please contact Deb Crane, Director for Campus Career Partnership, at
  • Have students complete a StandOut online practice interview
  • Once students log in to the system they can follow these steps:
    1. Log in to StandOut
    2. Click on "Practice"
    3. Click on "More Details..." of the interview you are interested in completing
    4. Click on "Begin Practice"
    5. Complete Interview and Select "Finish"
    6. Students can then "Share" their interview with you as a faculty member OR with a Career Advisor.
  • Students will have two minutes to respond to the questions.  
  • They will need access to a computer with a camera to complete the assignment.  The Career Resource Center has accommodations if needed.  To set up a time to utilize the equipment please call 209.946.2361.

Grading Criteria: 

  • Grade students on the content of their answers, any feedback they have received, and the completeness of their answers.