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Kimberlee DeRushia, PsyD



Phone: 209.946.2315 x2
Website: Doctoral Internship Page
Website: APPIC Directory

Office Hours

During the academic year, Counseling and Psychological Services is open Monday through Friday. Hours vary by campus, for more information please call 209.946.2315 x2.

Crisis and after hours support can be received by calling 209.946.2315 x3.


B.S. University of Utah (Psychology)

M.A. Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Clinical Psychology)

Psy.D. Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Clinical Psychology)

Dr. DeRushia is a first generation college student whose theoretical perspective is based on using a multicultural and developmentally appropriate focus within a humanistic framework.  She has worked for CAPS since 2008 and is a recipient of the Judith M. Chambers Excellence in Student Life Award as well as the Podesto Award for Excellence in Student Life, Mentoring, and Counseling. Dr. DeRushia received both her Master of Arts in Psychology and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Dr. DeRushia believes strongly in the power of relationships to explore and heal attachment and trauma issues. She has received extensive training in providing group therapy and also has training and experience working with first generation college students, individuals on the Autism spectrum, development and identity issues (including transgender identity exploration and LGBT+ concerns), and emotion regulation, and trauma.

Outside of work, Dr. DeRushia enjoys spending time with her family exploring all that California has to offer.  She particularly enjoys hiking in redwood forests and spending time at the ocean.

Training Program Roles:

Dr. DeRushia previously held the role of Training Director from 2015-2019 prior to her promotion to Director, and therefore strongly values the role of our training program wtihin CAPS as a whole.  Dr. DeRushia is also a former Pacific CAPS Doctoral Intern and Staff Psychologist, and currently facilitates Multicultural Seminar.  Dr. DeRushia takes a developmental competency-based approach to supervision.  She firmly believes that receiving thoughtful and well-structured supervision is a cornerstone to becoming a fully competent, versatile, culturally-aware Health Service Psychologist.

Strengths of the Training Program:

  • The ways in which we care for each other as a staff.
  • How we each strive to be culturally aware and to infuse this awareness into everything we do at CAPS.
  • Even if you enter this program not familiar with how to provide group therapy, you will leave with the knowledge and skills (and hopefully the passion!) for providing group therapy in a variety of formats.