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Taskstream Accountability Management System (AMS)

How to Work in Taskstream

How to Login to Taskstream:

To login to Taskstream, you can go directly to and input your personalized login credentials that you created or request a password reset via the web page.
Here are login instructions with screen prints to guide you.

  • Your Pacific email address is your user name
  • Your password is not necessarily the same as your Pacific password. You can always reset your password at the Taskstream login.
  • If you have trouble logging in, you may contact Glen Rogers

How do I request training for a workspace?

        Student Life: Sandy Mahoney

        Academic: Glen Rogers

How do I upload a curriculum map as an attachment?

After you have created your curriculum map (see downloadable Word Template and Sample), you can upload it as an attachment in Taskstream.

(1)    Before uploading it, please rename the file to include the date of the upload in the file name. 

(2)    In Taskstream (under "Standing Materials" in left navigation bar):
Click on the "Curriculum Map (if attach)" requirement.
Click on the green "Check Out" button to begin the attachment process for this curriculum map requirement.
Click the "Attachments" button at bottom of screen.  
Click the orange "Upload from Computer" button.    
Click "Add Files" and browse to file to open.
Click the orange "Start Upload" button. It should upload quickly.
Click to "Upload and Close button." 

Are there videos I can view that walk me through the inputting of my data?

Yes, there are short videos on specific topics that are available on YouTube.

Create/Manage "Program Learning Outcomes" in Taskstream:         

Input Assessment Plan in Taskstream:

Input "Findings, Recommendations, Deliberations, Action Plans, Action Status" in Taskstream:

Pacific Customized Note: The video on "Add Assessment Findings" shows the basic navigation steps for the section requirement that Pacific has entitled, "Findings, Recommendations, Deliberations, Action Plans, Action Status." This Pacific customized section has three text boxes for each assessment measure:
     (1) "Summary of Results"
     (2) "Deliberations, Recommendations, Action Plans"
     (3) "Subsequent Action Status: Date Each Entry"
If you have an action plan, but it is not immediately implemented, you would return to editing this section requirement for this assessment cycle (which has the originating action plan) and input into the third text box the "subsequent action status." The printed out report below includes an example of what might be reported here.

What does a report look like filled out?

The report example below shows the original assessment plan, assessment results, and operational plan.


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