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McCaffrey Center 2nd Floor

3601 Pacific Ave
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Reimbursement Form & Process

RSOs can access their funding through a reimbursement process. Students will pay for items with their own money, then submit a Reimbursement Form to the ASuop Director of Finance. Please use the following information to assist in submitting reimbursements:

Original receipts are required. Receipts must be taped along all edges to a separate piece of paper and paper clipped to the reimbursement form. DO NOT STAPLE THE RECIEPTS!
Be sure to include the following information on the form:
  • Name of the individual being reimbursed (name on Pacific ID, no nicknames)
  • Student ID Number of the person being reimbursed
  • Current Address (3 weeks prior to semester end, please use home address, reimbursement are mailed)
  • Date - Include the date the form is being submitted for reimbursement
  • Total - Make sure to calculate the total of the reimbursement - multiple receipts can be included on 1 form
  • Name of the Organization
  • Event Name
  • Business Purpose/Event Details
  • President or Treasurer & Advisor Signatures - Both signatures are required for a Reimbursement Form to be approved. The President of an RSO can sign and approve the reimbursement if the Treasurer is being reimbursed and vice-versa. You cannot sign your own reimbursement.

Reimbursement Form

Additional Information

For mileage reimbursements (at approved GSA rate), provide a print out of the directions to and from the destination that shows the mileage (example: Google Maps). Also provide detail for the purpose of travel, the date(s), and a list of all passengers. Only one person can be reimbursed.
Online Purchases:  
  • Provide valid documents that show the balance due is zero (order confirmations or invoices are not acceptable)
  • Method of payment used. (Credit or debit card) If the receipt does not include payment date and card used you will be asked to provide a copy of credit/debit card statement showing payment has been made
  • Payment date
  • Note - many online purchases do not include sales tax, your organization will be charged sales tax. Be sure to budget that additional expense to your payment (when using either ASuop funds or your agency account) Vendor. Payments can be processed through your ASuop or agency account - this requires additional paperwork and a minimum of 3-4 weeks to process through to payment.  (Schedule an appointment with SAC staff to process vendor payments)