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Event Monitor Training

Event Monitor Training is required if an RSO is hosting an event with a large anticipated attendance and/or there will be alcohol present.

There must be 1 trained Event Monitor per 30 attendees at events without alcohol.

There must be 1 trained Event Monitor per 25 attendees at events with alcohol.

This training will now be online and documented within the Student Activities Office of who has completed the training. The training lasts a total of about 15 minutes and is good for the full academic year that the training was completed. 

To complete the training, organization members must complete the training via the Student Organization Training Canvas website using the "Event Monitor Training" section of the "Modules" tab. A minimum score of 80% is required in order to complete the training and be a certified Event Monitor.

When RSOs register for events, they will be required to list all of the Event Monitors that will be in attendance and will be checked for course completion.