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President and Vice President

The executive branch is chaired by the elected President and Vice President of ASuop. They are both responsible for representing the student body in various ways. The duo meets monthly with the University President and biweekly with the Vice President of Student Life. They both sit on a number of committees to represent the perspectives of students.


The ASuop Cabinet is comprised of the Directors of each department, the Commissioners, the Chief of Staff, the Vice President, and is headed by the President. The Cabinet handles the day-to-day activities of ASuop and serves as the primary advisory body to the President on matters concerning students.

Directors are responsible for managing their departments and directly assisting students, whereas Commissioners act as advisors to the President on specific issues (i.e. Sustainability, Veterans Affairs, etc.). The Cabinet is also joined by the President Pro-Tempore of the Senate and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who are the heads of the legislative and judicial branches, respectively.

The Cabinet meets biweekly in the ASuop Conference room on the 2nd floor of the McCaffrey Center. Meetings are open to the Pacific community and the campus community is encouraged to attend.