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ASuop Vice President
(209) 946-2233
McCaffrey Center 2nd Floor

3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

ASuop Senate

The Senate is comprised of 15 elected members: eight Senators for each of the schools on campus, six Senators-at-Large, and the Vice President. They are responsible for creating the ASuop policies and approving all finances. Additionally, they are expected to hear the needs of students, and when needed, bring them before the Senate or to the President. The Senate is chaired by the Vice President, who is responsible for holding the Senators accountable to their responsibilities.

The Senate is the only branch which may create legislation, approve Constitutional amendments, and hear impeachment proceedings. Senate meetings are held every Monday from 5-7pm in the DeRosa University Center Conference Room 211 and are open to any member of the Pacific community.

For questions about the senate please contact the ASuop Vice President at