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ASuop Treasurer
(209) 946-2233
McCaffrey Center 2nd Floor

3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

ASuop Budget

The Associated Students of the University of the Pacific (ASuop) is completely operated and funded by fee paying Pacific students. The budget is funded by annual student fee dollars. This academic year full time undergraduate students will pay $137 per semester and full time graduate students will pay $30 per semester to ASuop. Below is a breakdown of how those fee dollars were allocated. View a detailed listing of the budget

Estimated ASuop Fee $1,036,875
Bon Appetit $45,000
Arts & Entertainment $35,000
Graphic Design $2,000
Unallocated Funds from Previous Years $74,261.22
Total Revenue $1,193,136.22
Office of the President $59,150
Office of the Vice President $16,600
Department of Arts & Entertainment $421,205
Department of Campus Affairs $11,050
Department of Communications $21,000
Department of Graphic Design $55,010
Department of Treasury $18,400
Senate $130,000
Elections Committee $7,600
Office Operations $84,687.16
Professional Staff $207,910
Center for Community Involvement (CCI) $9,500
Club Sports $12,800
Intramural Recreation Sports $21,820
Student Media Board $24,950
Association of Engineering Students (AES) $7,150
Conservatory Student Senate $2,050
Open Assembly of the School of International Studies (OASIS) $1,100
Pharmacy Student Senate $81,500
Total Expenditures $1,177,482.16
Net Revenue  $15,654.06
Beginning Reserve Balance $40,000
Transfer to Reserve $5,000
Ending Reserve Balance $45,000
Remaining Fund Balance $10,654.06