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3.7.13 Telecommuting Policy

Approved by Academic Council on February 8, 2007, Administration on March 19, 2007

Policy: University of the Pacific supports properly managed telecommuting where there are mutual benefits to the University and the employee and may require it in exceptional situations.

Note that the line above is University Institutional Policy and that what follows is University Operational Policy. Both are approved by the Information Strategy and Policy Committee (ISPC).

Definition of Telecommuting

Telecommuting is a mutually agreed upon work arrangement, not an employee entitlement, benefit or, unless a condition of hiring, a requirement, in which all or some of the work is performed at a non-University worksite. Telecommuting in no way changes the terms and conditions of employment with the University.

Exceptional Situation Provision

In the event the University (via the Cabinet) declares an Exceptional Situation for all or part of a Pacific campus, for example in the event of a  natural or man-made disaster or epidemic, the University may require telecommuting for all or a part of those affected for the duration of the situation, unless prohibited by law.

 Telecommuting Agreement