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How Secure Is Web Conferencing

Secure Meetings

The information you present and share during a session is available to only those who attend your session, and is not stored in the WebEx cloud unless you record the meeting. The level of security you chose for your meeting will depend on the type of meeting you are hosting. Follow these best practices if the meeting will contain sensitive topics:Do not re-use passwords, and do not use personal or common passwords.

  • Exclude the password from the meeting invitation.
  • Schedule the meeting so that participants are not allowed to join before the host.
  • Require attendees to provide their email address when joining meetings.
  • Monitor the list of participants to track who is joining the meeting.
  • Ask unidentified call-in users to identify themselves before continuing the meeting.
  • Request that email invitations are not shared or forwarded.
  • Limit sharing privileges to a small number of people.
  • If you record the meeting in WebEx, consider removing the recording from WebEx immediately, and retain outside of WebEx on university secured storage.

For more information about holding secure meetings, see this article from Cisco's Help Central or contact your local TSP or the HelpDesk by calling 209-946-7400.

HIPAA Compliance

While WebEx can be used to conduct meetings with Protected Health Information (PHI), it is recommended that you do not record these sessions. To learn more about how HIPAA restricted departments can leverage WebEx, see Cisco's article on WebEx's HIPAA compliance.