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Good procurement practices encourage accountability. It allows all stakeholders to understand the fairness or equity in every transaction. You can prove that you are following the best practices in your industry by keeping current with industry trends. Learn more about Procurement Professional Memberships and leveraged Consortiums at Pacific.

Professional Memberships

Professional memberships ensure Procurement staff maintain networks of peers at a regional, national and international level to stay current with best practice, industry and regulatory standards. With participation, and through professional development our staff are more well informed to serve the institution with best practice and procurement principles. The following are associated procurement memberships:


With procurement consortium participation, Pacific creates more leverage for the organization. Instead of trying to negotiate procurement rates on an individualized level, you are able to take advantage of a greater leverage to lower your costs and revenue opportunities.

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Search theVendor Directory to identify consortium based contracts already available to Pacific. 

Contact a member of the Procurement Team to setup any new agreements on behalf of Pacific.