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Procurement Services | Sourcing

Diversity and Sustainability


The University of the Pacific (Pacific) is committed to enhancing economic opportunities for minority-owned, women-owned, and disadvantaged businesses.

The Pacific’s vision and commitment is to foster partnerships between small, diverse, and local businesses and university departments on all three campuses. Pacific recognizes that relationships reflective of the cultural diversity of Pacific leads to positive development in its surrounding communities.


The University of the Pacific is committed to creating a campus culture that advances a sustainable future among all members of the Pacific community, across all three campuses. Sustainable purchasing requires that purchasers take into consideration the impact of products on the environment and human health when making purchasing decisions, giving preference to more environmentally friendly products when quality and cost are equal or superior.

Procurement Services supports Pacific’s overall sustainability goals by developing strong partnerships with suppliers who have environmental stewardship programs. These partnerships play a key role in enabling the university to reach its green purchasing goals.