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Scholarship of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment at Pacific

A notable feature of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) is that faculty who pursue it often do so with a particular passion that is grounded by their teaching their discipline. The Faculty Handbook recognizes scholarship of teaching and learning as a form of scholarly achievement. In the broader literature, there are varying perspectives on the purposes and characteristics of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

For example, a faculty member may systematically inquire into his or her own teaching or courses out of a specific value and respect for the complex challenges of teaching and learning. But also, SOTL requires educators to at some point share in a public way what they are learning from their inquiry with others who might benefit (see Mary Huber's blog). Still other practitioners put more emphasis on the potential for SOTL to take on characteristics associated with disciplinary or professional research, such as being carried out with methodological rigor and being subject to peer review. Because SOTL may include the study of student learning outcomes across a program or wider curricula with an intentional purpose of improving curriculum and pedagogy, there is also a potential overlap with a faculty's collective responsibility for program assessment.  A local Scholarship pf Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (SOTLA) is of particular interest to us in promoting curricular coherence.

Pacific scholars have been presenting and publishing on the scholarship of teaching, learning, and assessment for many years.

  • Publications contributing to the scholarship of teaching, learning, and assessment at Pacific.
  • Archive of Pacific's Assessment Forums (authentication required)

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