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Stockton Helpdesk
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mon - Fri


Sacramento Helpdesk
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Mon - Fri


San Francisco Helpdesk
Support Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Night Clinic Support Hours: 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday and Thursday


Business Office
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mon - Fri

Banner Documentation

Step 1 - Requesting User:

  1. Print out a  Administrative Services Access Request Form
  2. Complete the Personal Data Section.
  3. Sign the Confidentiality Acknowledgement Statement and complete the FERPA online training certificate. (To access the FERPA online test, please log on to insidePacific select the Administrative tab and select FERPA tutorial or test.) If requesting access for the first time attach copies to request and also send signed copies to
  4. Third-party access (consultants, contractors and agency temporaries) must complete the Third Party Access Agreement. Sign the Banner Access Form and forward it to your immediate supervisor for signature
  5. Banner Overview and Navigation Training is strongly recommended for all Banner users.

Step 2 - Requestor's Supervisor

  1. Supervisor complete middle section of the form.
  2. Select type of employee, if temporary, third party or student access is being requested make sure an expiration date is given. (Student access request will need the Policy Exception Form
  3. Select type of Access needed by end-user.
  4. Select all modules needed by end-user.
  5. Describe the need for access based on the requesting user's job functions.
  6. Sign form.
  7. Forward form to remote school representative (Dugoni or McGeorge only).
  8. Forward form to all the appropriate Data Stewards (DS)/Information Brokers (IB) on the list of Modules selected.

Step 3 - Data Steward (DS) and or Information Broker (IB)

  1. Once all requirements are met, the DS/IB approves or denies access for his/her assigned module. If denying request make sure DENIED box is checked off. Notify requesting supervisor and IT/EIS
  2. DS/IB details access based on security class or direct object access with query or update for Banner, report viewer or writer for Argos and detailed OnBase and CRM user group(s) name.
  3. Sign form, scan and email to Pacific IT/ EIS, please use the following email address: .

Step 4 - Application Administrator/DBA

  1. Configuration Management Specialist reviews request and assigns to Application Administrator.
  2. Application Administrator notifies the DS/IB(s) when Administrative Access for the end-user has been created/modified/removed/extended.

Step 5 - DS/IBDS/IB completes the process and notifies the end-user and/or the supervisor

Please note that issuing "generic" Banner accounts is no longer possible. We will work with you to ensure that you can accomplish your business processing while adhering to University data and security policies.Banner Overview and Navigation Training is strongly Recommended for all Banner users. 

Accounts Receivable -  Contains Financial information related to student account activity.Data Steward/ Info Administrator /Campus Representative:

  • Suzette Calderone, Information Broker
  • Cyndi Hughes - McGeorge Representative
  • Ed Pegueros - Dugoni Representative

Admissions & International Students - Contains information on inquiries and all applicants for admission.Data Steward/ Info Administrator /Campus Representative:

  • Jerred Thompson, Information Broker
  • Dede Sanchez - Information Broker Graduate Studies
  • Ryan Griffith - International Representative
  • AnneMarie Meyer - McGeorge Representative
  • Stan Constantino - Dugoni Representative

Advancement - Contains information Alumni and Donors. Access is strictly limited to staff who report through Advancement Department.Data Steward/ Info Administrator /Campus Representative:

  • Jennifer Laam - Data Steward
  • Katherine Berglund, Information Broker - In all three campuses
  • Teresa Harris - Information Broker

CRM - Constituent Relationship Management Data Steward/Info Administrator

  • Jeff Ross (interim)  - Data Steward/Information Administrator

 Faculty - Contains information pertaining to an individual faculty member's academic appointment.Data Steward/Info Administrator/Campus Representative:

  • Mike Rogers, Information Administrator- In all three campuses

Finance - Contains financial information applicable to student aid toward tuition fees.Data Steward/Info Administrator/Campus Representative:

  • Audrey George, Data Steward
  • Cyndi Hughes - McGeorge Representative
  • Ed Pegueros - Dugoni Representative

Financial Aid - Contains financial information applicable to student aid toward tuition fees.Data Steward/Info Administrator /Campus Representative:

  • Lynn Fox, Data Steward
  • Cindy Bogue, Information Broker
  • Joe Pinkas - McGeorge Representative
  • Marco Castellanos - Dugoni Representative

Housing & Location Management - Contains on-campus student housing information, including student placements and meal plan history.Data Steward/Info Administrator/Campus Representative

  • Michael Krieger, Information Broker
  • Wendy Loredo - McGeorge Representative

Human Resources & Position Control - Contains demographic and employment information. As well as all related payroll information and position control with related budgeting and labor distribution. Send requests to:  Human_Resources@pacific.eduData Steward/Infor Administrator/Campus Representative

  • Patrice Coss, Data Steward
  • Laura Allen - McGeorge Representative
  • Kara Bell - Dugoni Representative

Registrar - Contains registrar related information applicable to Registrar staff only.Data Steward/Info Administrator/Campus Representative

  • Margo Landy - Data Steward
  • Dede Sanchez, Information Broker
  • Lisa Erck - McGeorge Representative
  • Daniel Bender - Dugoni Representative

 OnBase Point of Contacts:

  • SOECS - Lourdes Reyes
  • Provost/Faculty - Berit Gundersen


  • Argos -Enterprise reporting solution meets reporting needs from simple ad hoc queries to advanced dashboards and data cubes
  • CRM -A combination of people, processes, and technology used to acquire, enhance, organize, automate, retain and synchronize the relationship with constituents in marketing, communication, assistance, and support for the benefit of the organization.
  • OnBase -An enterprise document imaging and management software solution used to capture, route(where applicable), manage, share and archive high volumes of documents/information critical to business operations.
  • QAS -QuickAddress Pro is a Solution that returns a complete address from partially entered information. It does this by matching the input address to the US Postal Service (USPS) database containing all deliverable addresses. Once entered, QuickAddress Pro passes the address to Banner or the CRM.  Access is inherited through Data Entry Access to Banner or CRM.
  • Data Entry Access -Ability to create and or modify records within a form.  All reports within Banner require a Data Entry access, primarily to update the tables for job submission.
  • Query Access -Ability to search and view records within a form.