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Social Media

Tiger Creative can help you to determine which social networks are right for you and what kind of media you want to push. We can work with you to schedule posts and determine which type you should use. We will help you create content and post daily as well as helping you build a strategy to target your audience.

For Social Media projects that are accepted

  • Once you submit a project request, a Tiger Creative representative will schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss project details.
  • Please submit requests as early as possible. This is a courtesy service we try to provide, but due to high requests may not be able to fulfill due to scheduling.  In times of heavy scheduling we may not be available to accommodate your request if students are already booked, so be sure to send your request early!
  • Please email Tiger Creative for previous Social Media projects that need to be updated with new content.
  • Tiger Creative serves mainly Enrollment Services, but if you are in need of Social Media help, submit a request and we will see if we can help!