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Meet the Team

As the Religious and Spiritual Life team, we are here to cultivate and support religious and spiritual life at Pacific in all its many forms. We serve the needs of all students, no matter what your religious tradition or even if you don't consider yourself religious or spiritual at all. While we make no claim to have all of life's answers, we can probably point you in the right direction, provide resources for you, and work with you through the questions that will inevitably arise as you grow through university. We can also help you find people or groups who share your interests. Our hope is that in doing so you will find a level of fulfillment, understanding, and perhaps meet other people who you can journey with in the questions of life.

Drop by our offices in Sears Hall, connected to Morris Chapel, to meet us. If you haven't yet been in our buildings or met us, rest assured that we are a friendly, welcoming group of caring people, and we're not here to convert you or pressure you into anything. We're here to serve you and hopefully help inspire you to live a meaningful life--whoever you are and whatever your path.

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Religious and Spiritual Life Staff

Joel Lohr, Dean of Religious Life

Dr. Joel Lohr
Dean of Religious and Spiriutal Life

Laura Steed, Associate Multifaith Chaplain

Rev. Laura Steed
Associate Mulitifaith Chaplain

Jan Wammack, Weddings & Events Coordinator

Jan Wammack
Weddings & Events Coordinator


Affiliate Campus Ministers

No Photo Yet

Marc Afshar
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Robbie Frederiksen, Open Door Methodist Student Ministries

Robbie Frederiksen
Open Door Methodist Student Ministries

Dyan Hollenhorst, Newman Catholic Community

Dyan Hollenhorst
Newman Catholic Community

Lauren McDermott, Campus Affiliate Minister

Lauren McDermott
Intervarsity: Pacific Christian Fellowship

No Photo Yet

Victor Quon
Asian American Christian Fellowship

Ralph Roberts, Pacific Christian Fellowship

Ralph Roberts
Intervarsity: Pacific Christian Fellowship