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    Reassigning Pages

    Given our limited centralized resources and the size of the web site, it's not sustainable for the Ingeniux CMS administrators to handle reassignments for sites other than those managed centrally by the administrators. Every site publishers has been given ability to reassign pages using the Assign To or Advance buttons. Publishers can also pass these abilities on to other groups in their workflow, so many Authors, Editors, and Approvers can also handle reassignment of pages.

    Reassigning Pages Assigned to You

    Regardless of privileges or user group, if a page is assigned to you, you can use the Assign To or Advance buttons to get it to someone else in your workflow. If you click one of those buttons and don't see the person you need in the drop-down list, then you may need to choose a different command that will move the page to a different group to which that person belongs. If you still can't find the person you need to get the page to, contact your site publisher who may need to ask the Ingeniux CMS Administrators to add the other person to a workgroup.

    Reassigning Pages Not Assigned to You

    Even when a page is not assigned to you and the fields appear grayed out, you can reassign the pages using the Assign To and Advance commands if you have been given those privileges. If the page is assigned to the right group and workstate but to the wrong user, then clicking Assign To allows you to choose another user from that group. If you need to move the page to a different user in a different group in the workflow, then you need to select an appropriate Advance choice from the options in the drop-down list that you see when clicking the small arrow to the right of the Advance button. If they system doesn't allow you to use the Assign To or Advance buttons, contact your site publisher to handle the reassignment.