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    Office of Marketing and Communications
    Hand Hall
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    Identity Program Standards

    Pacific has identity standards that set the colors, fonts and styles of all marketing materials created by Pacific's many schools and divisions. The purpose of having guidelines is to make sure brochures, flyers, invitations, cards, magazines, newsletters and other materials have a clean, consistent look that lets the receiver know that it came from Pacific. You can see the full set of guidelines by downloading the Identity Standards Manual (PDF)

    Pacific Seal in Orange





    Wordmarks and school lockups can be downloaded from this site.

    Pacific Tigers logo

    The athletics logos are complementary to the main university identity program system and are administered through the Athletic Department.

    The University of the Pacific intercollegiate athletics program licenses sport-specific logos and wordmarks through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).

    The Powercat tigerhead logo and the wordmark lettering for "Pacific" and/or "Tigers" (the logos with the scratch marks in the letters) may only be used by the Athletic Department.

    However, the Athletic department may approve use of the Athletic Department's logo and marks when used in conjunction with Athletics-related merchandise sales or with non-Athletics publications that promote Athletic Department activities or events.

    To obtain approval to use these logos and wordmarks, contact Associate Director of Athletics for Marketing and Media Dan Chapman at or 209.946.3108.