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Engineering Ethics 101 Training

Pacific offers engineering firms the opportunity to bring in Dr. Gary Martin to run a short, interactive training session for the purpose of bringing to light current and potential engineering-related ethical situations, and how to handle them.  These sessions combine a mixture of short relevant presentations with thought-provoking debates, helping engineers to think more deeply and skillfully in resolving professional ethical dilemmas.  Engineers will strengthen their abilities to apply the Code of Ethics along with fun moral theories and other tools in dealing with relevant dilemmas and challenging situations.  

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Benefits for Companies

  • Increased open and honest dialogue by employees.
  • Defense for court cases prosecuting companies for unethical conduct.
  • Decreased external whistle-blowing by employees.
  • Increased critical thinking skills by employees.
  • Reduction in and avoidance of legal risks.
  • Decreased lawsuits for safety of employees and safety of the public.

Goals of the Program

  • Elevate agency integrity.
  • Reduce risks of the work environment as well as the structures, products and services provided.
  • Help staff to feel professionally appreciated, reinforcing standards of conduct and personal character traits important for the organization.  E.g., honesty, confidentiality, professionalism, etc.
  • Help to recognize and resolve specific professional and technology-related ethical dilemmas.
  • Provide direction on extreme circumstances. E.g., Company Ethics Officer, whistle blowing, stop work authority.
  • Augment terminology, concepts and tools for enhanced tech-specific ethical behavior.

Instructor Bio

Gary martin

Dr. Martin has been on the Engineering and Computer Science faculty at University of the Pacific since 1983.  His primary course is Engineering Ethics. With a liberal arts-intensive broad background, Dr. Martin has visited with countless engineers and computing professionals, often at the job site over the years, frequently discussing technical ethics along with other aspects of professional conduct.

"Dr. Martin's brown bag lunch presentation on Engineering Ethics received a unanimous five star approval rating from the two dozen KSN staff members that participated. Dr. Martin's unique, interactive teaching style actively engaged all participants, and made for an informative and very entertaining discussion on this extremely important professional topic."
-Stephen K. Sinnock, Principal Engineer Kjeldsen Sinnock Neudeck, Inc.

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