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Pacific in the Press | June 12, 2018

Jun 12, 2018


Quote of the Week

Food is more than sustenance. It’s also deeply a part of who we are.

-- Alison Hope Alkon, TEDx Talks, May 30, 2018

Here are examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:

"Howard Schultz's Bold Gamble: Is America Ready for an Unctuous Billionaire Preaching Austerity Economics and a Full-Throated Defense of the Status Quo?,", June 5, 2018: Comments made by Eberhardt's Peter Hilsenrath to the Los Angeles Times in 2016 were used in this story about a possible presidential bid by Howard Schultz, Starbucks' CEO who has announced he is stepping down from the coffeehouse giant. "This is great for Starbucks' healthier workers and for shareholders," Hilsenrath told the Times back in 2016 about a flaw in the Affordable Care Act and Starbucks giving 20-hour-week employees health care. "But sicker workers likely will have to pay more. ... You could say Starbucks is exacerbating a problem that we're also seeing on the insurance exchanges" under the Affordable Care Act, Hilsenrath added. "Costs keep rising for people who need more coverage because the healthier people choose cheaper, high-deductible plans."

"Food as Radical Empathy," YouTube, May 30, 2018: Sociology's Alison Hope Alkon's talk from February about what food means to us on many different and complicated levels at TEDxEmory was posted. Alkon teaches and writes about our relationship with food, environmental sustainability and social inequalities, and works for social change and building radical empathy when it comes to our food.

"Early SJ turnout at just 17.4 percent," The Record, June 9, 2018: Political science's Keith Smith and Professor Emeritus Robert Benedetti were quoted in this story about the low turnout for the primary election — just 17.4 percent of the county's 334,212 voters cast a ballot. "People who vote in the June election are people who pay attention and have clear stakes in who wins. There are not that many of those kinds of people," Smith told The Record. Benedetti added, "Last week's election) didn't stir people's blood. There weren't things on there that people cared that much about. ... Many of the races were foregone conclusions, especially the governor's race, so it wasn't a great motivator."

"Yes, We Should: 5 Ways to Transform Your Mindset to Improve the Health of Society," American Physical Therapy Association's #PTTransformsblog, June 4, 2018: Physical therapy's Todd Davenport wrote a piece on the importance that physical therapists and physical therapist assistants have in transforming how we think about health and health care. "By building healthier communities, we can ensure that the physical therapy profession remains vibrant, engaging, and dynamic in responding to our public's changing health needs now and in the future," Davenport concluded.

"Class Of 2017 - Where Are They Now?," Oakdale Leader, June 6, 2018: Business administration major and student-athlete Bryce Kirk '21 was interviewed by his hometown newspaper for a summer series of stories on Oakdale High School alumni and the path they've taken since graduating high school. Kirk, a member of the baseball team, spoke highly of his experience at Pacific so far and had a clear view of what he wanted to do after graduating high school: "I wanted to get a degree and play baseball."

"Stockton Art Scene: Each of us need to find a way to connect with the arts," The Record, June 8, 2018: "Little Manila Recreated," a digital reconstruction of Stockton's Little Manila neighborhood and part of an ongoing Digital Delta summer student fellowship, was mentioned in a commentary on art in Stockton. "The exhibit digitally reconstructs the demolished Little Manila neighborhood, interpreting its significance by combining research and interviews," reads a portion of the commentary.

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