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Amazon Locker

Amazon Locker photoAs an added service to the Pacific community, an Amazon locker has been installed outside the mail room on the Stockton Campus. Available 24/7, the locker — "Cacophony" — is available for students, faculty and staff to have packages from delivered and returned.

Note: the locker is facilitated by Amazon, not Pacific Mail Services, so please direct any questions or report malfunctions to Amazon at 1.877.346.6244.

Amazon requires that all packages delivered to Amazon Locker locations must be picked up within three (3) days. If the package is not collected within this timeframe, it will be returned to Amazon.

How it works

  1. When placing an Amazon order, select "Ship to an Amazon Pickup Location."
  2. Select the following locker:
    Amazon Locker — Cacophony
    1050 Brookside Rd 
    University of the Pacific
    Stockton, CA 95211-1050
    NOTE: This is a restricted access locker available only to the Pacific community. You must confirm you have access to the locker location by checking the appropriate box when scheduling your shipment.
  3. Once delivered, Amazon will text you a pickup code or e-mail a barcode depending on your selected settings.
    To receive pickup code in a text, go to "Your Account," click "Email alerts, messages, and ads," click "Shipment Updates via Text." NOTE: Shipment updates via text are not available for packages shipped from sellers other than
  4. Go to the locker within three days of delivery notification.
  5. Enter the pickup code provided in the text on the touchscreen or scan the barcode provided in the email. The barcode scanner is located directly beneath the locker's touchscreen.
  6. The door will pop open. Take your package and close the door.

For questions or concerns call Amazon at 1.877.346.6244


  1. Will I still get a notification from Mail Services for Amazon packages?
    You will only receive notifications from Mail Services for packages shipped to a standard university address. For items shipped to the Cacophony locker, you will only receive a notification from Amazon.
  2. Is there a time limit to pick up packages from the locker?
    Yes. Three days. After three days, your package will be returned to Amazon and you must contact Amazon directly to arrange another pickup.
  3. Can Mail Services staff help me access my package in the lockers?
    No. Mail Services staff do not have access to the lockers. The lockers are run entirely by Amazon. For any issues with the locker, please contact Amazon at 1.877.346.6244.