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April 12, 2018

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00-5:00 pm   


P. Hilsenrath(a), J. Miles(p)            
P. Shands(a), A. Miller(p)
College: A. Lenzi(p), J. Hetrick(a), C. Dobbs(p), L. Fox(p), J. Hole(p), S. King(p),  J. Becker(p), B, Swagerty (p), P. Meyer(p), S. Jensen(p), J. Lu (p)            
S. Gupta(p), A. Gluskin(a), P. Subar(p), S. Sadowsky(a)            
L. Webster(p), M. Draheim(p)            
Roland. di Franco(p)            
 S. Gulati(p), J. Shafer (p)            
J. Sims(p), R. Salcido(a)            
M. Maloney(p)            
 C Peterson(p), X. Guo(p), D. Vyas(p), R. Halliwell(a)J Livesey(p)            
S. Mathis(p)            
C, Styc(p)            
Graduate Student Assoc: C. Cannon(a)
Ex-Officio:  P. Eibeck(a), H. Escalante(Ombuds)(a), M. Pallavicini(a), B. Gundersen(p), D.Kelly(Athletics)(p), Joel Lohr(a), Peggy Kay(p), Vivek Pallipuram(p)            
Patricia Campbell, Cyd Jenefsky, Tamara Phelan, Justin Low, Jim Uchizono   

Call to Order 3:03 pm   

I.      Consent Agenda 
A.    AACU Program Approval:      
       BA Political Science with Departmental Honors
B.    GE Committee Approval:      
       Course Substitution of EAP2-W for WRIT 1&2
Motion to approve:

Motion Second Action
Lydia Fox John Livesey Passed, unanimous

A.    ASuop Representative Report -  Caroline Styc
Caroline reported the ASuop Senate seats (14) were filled with a successful write-in campaign.  The new VP is Emily Sackett who will be attending AC meetings in the fall.  They are completing Spring efforts and will sponsor a concert on April 27th.

Provost's Report - Vice Provost, Berit Gundersen      
Vice Provost Gundersen reported the VP of Enrollment Management search committee is reviewing applicants and candidates will be coming for campus visits in June. The VP of Faculty Affairs search committee has begun their work and candidates will visit the campus for open forums beginning April 30th.  She mentioned the Faculty Development Leave Showcase next week during Pacific Hour and encouraged AC members to attend. The WSCUC Self-Study Draft Report is available for review and comments will be taken until April 20th.  Berit reported on the workload project.  Pacific is developing systems to allow workload to be captured with reporting, it has been a longer than anticipated development period.  She thanked everyone who is waiting to participate in the pilot. The tool is called InterFolio and is flexible down to the department level.

C.  Chairperson's Report - Jeff Becker
Chair Becker went over the faculty Letter of Concern that will be sent to the Board of Regents. Of more than 900 faculty, there was a 44% response rate of which 95% were in support of sending the letter to the Board of Regents.  He and Chair-elect Livesey have met with board chair Kevin Huber and regent Janet Spears. They shared the concerns of the faculty and desire to work together with the administration and regents. The FY19 budget is the same budget that will be shared with the Regents.  Jeff feels AC needs a higher awareness on the chart of accounts.  The administration has contracted with Huron to create a new chart of accounts.  Chair-elect Livesey added the meeting with the regents was cordial and the concerns expressed were about process.  A common theme was availability of information and recognition that information is needed to make recommendations. Also the current mistrust in the data that has been provided.  Chair Becker concluded that they tried to emphasize the shared governance model and greater regent participation. He confirmed the regents understood the urgency of the budget situation and they proposed a committee comprised of regents, administration and faculty.  He confirmed IPC may work during the summer prior to decisions or implementation of budget cuts.   

III.            Discussion on Reports

Action Items
A.  2018 Spring Emeriti Faculty Nominations - Provost's Office
Motion to approve:

Motion Second Action
Roland di Franco John Sims Passed, Unanimously

B.  FHB 6.4.8 Sustainability Committee - Lydia Fox
Lydia Fox, faculty member on the committee explained the changes are to better define the membership of the committee and thank Gene Pearson, faculty member for starting the committee.
Motion to approve:

Motion Second Action
Lydia Fox Deepti Vyas Passed, Unanimously

C.  Eberhardt Teacher Scholar Award to Dr. William K. Chan - Vivek Pallipuram, CAPD Chair

Vivek summarized the report of the sub-committee made up of the chairs of CAPD and FRC and one member of each committee.  They found the candidate to be of high quality and worthy of the award.  There were no other nominations.
Motion to approve:

Motion Second Action
Xin Guo Sharmila King Passed Unanimously

D.  University College By-laws - Farley Staniec

Farley Staniec, Economics Department Professor and Chair spoke of the bylaws and white paper.  University College (UC) was initially designed for re-entry students; it has been moribund except for the Evening Degree program which offers eight week terms for degree completion.  She explained the need for by-laws and a faculty council to begin a structure that other units have.  She acknowledged there are at present no voting faculty (defined as more than a 50% appointment), and confirmed that even with an approval of by-laws the unit would still have no voting faculty. If UC grows and hires faculty they would oversee academic quality, currently Farley would.  If a UC faculty member is hired in the future then UC would have a seat on Academic Council.  This was confirmed by checking the Faculty Handbook; one representative for ten or fewer University voting faculty (requires tenure or tenure-track). Farley responded to a question on the oversight of non-credit courses, she believes the UC council will oversee some of those areas while CPCE vets the instructors and students. An AC member noted the criteria for admission varies by program and non-traditional programs have autonomy for looking at criteria.  Another AC member noted that UOPI is also in UC so there is a need for curriculum oversight.  Also, Physical Therapy has continuing education through UC.
Motion to approve:

Motion Second Action
Cathy Peterson Sharmila King Passed

Discussion/Information Items
A.  Academic Council Chair-elect - Sharmila King
Sharmila advised the membership the election would be held at the May 10, 2018 meeting.

B.  Associate Degree for Transfer - Patricia Campbell, Dean, University College
Patricia Campbell, UC Dean
Dean Campbell shared that in 2010, SB1440 required a plan for Community Colleges to provide the first two years of college then transfer to UC/CSU to finish.  The first two years would cover general education courses and prerequisites, then UC/CSU for upper division coursework. An Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) is an AS or AA. Of the 36 approved, 21 may be easy to approve at Pacific. The Governor has said that Cal Grants would cease if the goal of 2500 accepted ADT students was not met by private California colleges (this is across all 4-year colleges). Pacific's share would potentially be 220 (we took in 92 last year.  The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities is taking the lead on organizing this effort. Dean Campbell efforts are as an interested person (due to degree completion expertise). It does require cutting back to 120 units required for a Bachelor's Degree with many UC's moving down to 120.  An AC member asked if Pacific would be admitting all qualified transfers and if it would be a pathway to admission for some who wouldn't have normally been admitted.  She responded it's admission to the university, not to a program.  Dean Campbell concluded she was relating the big picture and the question is how to approve the ADT's. 

C.  WSCUC Self Study Report - WSCUC Steering Committee

Cyd Jenefsky, Tamara Phelan, Jim Uchizono, Justin Low and Sharmila King The committee presented slides from the WSCUC Forum. They explained the Steering Committee & composition of other working groups; Justin Low - Use of existing structures and TaskStream for acquiring data; Glenn Rogers - involved with assessment effort; Jim Uchizono - MQID (Meaning, Quality & Integrity of Degree); applied learning (broadening of experiential learning). Sharmila noted there were 39 Criteria For Review and they were rated as needing improvement or ranked well.  Pacific has either met or exceeded standards as provided by WSCUC. An AC member asked if any issues identified in the recent faculty Letter of Concern to the Board of Regents are reflected in report.  The response was the draft report hasn't yet been updated to include some of these issues (transparency, overages, budget, others). The timeline includes a phone conference set for August 28, 2018.  The report will not come back for second public comment.  The committee asked AC members to please review and comment in the SharePoint discussion site.

VI.      What's on your mind?
Elimination of Health Benefits for GAs; of 19, only 2 have dependents that would not be eligible for dependent coverage.  

Adjournment at 5:05 pm