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February 8, 2018

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00-5:00 pm   


J. Herche(a), J. Miles(a)            
P. Shands(a), A. Miller(p)
College: A. Lenzi(p), J. Hetrick(p), C. Dobbs(p), L. Fox(p), J. Hole(p), S. King(p),  J. Becker(p), B, Swagerty (p), P. Meyer(p), S. Jensen(p), P. Turpin (a)            
S. Gupta(p), A. Gluskin(a), P. Subar(a)t, S. Sadowsky(a)            
L. Webster(p), M. Draheim(p)            
Roland. di Franco(a)            
 S. Gulati(p), J. Shafer (a)            
J. Sims(p), R. Salcido(p)            
M. Maloney(p)            
 C Peterson(p), X. Guo(p), D. Vyas(p), R. Halliwell(p)J Livesey(p)            
S. Mathis(p)            
C, Styc(p)            
Graduate Student Assoc: C. Cannon(p)
Ex-Officio:  P. Eibeck(a), H. Escalante(Ombuds)(a), M. Pallavicini(p), D.Kelly(Athletics)(p), Joel Lohr(a), Peggy Kay (p)
Guests: Edie Sparks, Elisa Anders   

Call to Order 3:03 pm   

I.      Consent Agenda 
A.  January 25, 2018 Minutes     
Motion to approve with corrections:

Motion Second Action
John Livesey Xin Guo Passed

A.    Chairperson's Report - Jeff Becker     
Jeff reported the Board of Regent's meeting was last week and he gave a two minute report that included faculty morale and faculty concerns/opinions on changes in higher education.  A Regent asked how does Pacific ensure academic quality.  Jeff answered that the teacher/scholar balance at Pacific remains the gold standard for attracting and maintaining academic quality.  He also told the Regents faculty have anxiety about the budget.  He expressed the need for careful stewardship throughout all programs of the University including Athletics. If we have inadequate oversight of any program our students are now well served.  Faculty continue to participate in shared governance and want to shape the future direction of Pacific, but many faculty worry that the institutional priorities are at the cost of the quality of instruction.  Request for transparency from faculty on the Institutional Priorities Committee are to improve the quality of education of all students.  He requested that if there are to be subsequent cuts that they should not be made across the board.

B.    ASuop Representative Report -  Caroline Styc
Caroline shared student concern on the university and athletics budget with the Regents.  The Regents questioned whether students felt the administration properly handled the issue and exhibited transparency. Caroline answered that students did not feel the administration handled it well.  Caroline reported ASuop's Third Space Initiative is approved for 50K in funds to improve outdoor space for students.  It will start with the food truck area in providing more seating, solar panels and electrical outlets.  ASuop is considering a fee increase, the last time was 12 years ago.  The increase will be used to hire more staff.  ASuop is representative of graduate and professional students from all three campuses and met with Dugoni student representatives after the Regent's meeting.

C.    Graduate Student Association President's Report - Chris Cannon
Chris related that graduate students continue to express a need for support offices to remain open after daytime hours to serve graduate students.  Child care is a continuing need.  Currently, graduate student disertations and thesis are underway.  They are focused on graduation and the change in leadership for next year.   
Q: AC member questioned why there is no resolution to child care.
Q: Another AC member commented that constituents have been asking about it for over 20 years.
A: The Provost said she will talk to President Eibeck about it, and asked if Chris could clarify the minimum hours for Financial Aid to be open after hours?
A: Chris answered at least one day a week

D.    Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
The Provost reported on the Board of Regent's approval of the new plans for the Stockton library to renovate the first and second floor.  It will provide more space for students and a new façade with a dramatic entrance.  An action plan for the law school was approved by the Regents to improve quality and increase net revenue.  The plan was developed by law faculty and will have flat enrollments with no growth to achieve appropriate size and align with peer institutions.  The Provost expressed confidence in the plan and that it would move the law school forward. She noted the Status of Women report was received by the administration and they are already working on developing an action plan.  The Provost has been in conversations with the Faculty Compensation Committee (FCC) on internal equity analysis.  The committee will produce a report soon.   There will be an annual reporting module to record workload, scholarship, and service.  Four pilot departments are using it this year and it will be rolled out next year.  It will be a useful tool to increase transparency.  The Provost encouraged faculty to apply for the open position of Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs.  The position is posted on People Admin and the Provost has requested at least three faculty representatives from AC to serve on the search committee. 
Q: AC member asked when AC will receive data on the compensation study
MP: The Provost answered the data would be difficult to share due to sensitive detailed data - she will work with FCC to determine a reasonable way to share.
Q: When will the Board of Regents approved compensation philosophy be distributed?
MP: The Provost answered the philosophy will be distributed but on average salary should be at 50% as before.
Q: AC member requested more detail on law school changes.
MP: The Provost answered the target enrollment is 165 new students each year.  There is an increase in quality applicatons.  The Regents are more confident now in the strategy for improvement. 
Q: Will ther be a staff reduction at law school?
MP: The Provost answered yes, and early retirement incentive.
Q: Is there a teach-out contingency plan?
MP: The Provost stated there is no teach-out or closure plan  The new plan is robust plan aligned with a different reality in the market. 
Q: AC Member expressed confidence in the new dean is phenomenal, has improved  outreach to pathway programs, is innovative and working with alumni.
MP: The plan is based on a robust discount rate, she credited law school faculty on making hard choices.  

III.      Discussion on Reports

IV.       Action Items
A.  Academic Calendars

  1. 2018-2019 Academic Calendar       
  2. Eight Year Calendar 

Motion to approve with additional day to submit grades:

Motion Second Action

AC member Jim Hetrick shared the meeting he attended with Chair Becker and Past Chair King, the Registrar and Finance personnel was unsuccessful in changing the deadline for grading (adding one day).  The Provost stepped out of the meeting to contact Finance and returned with the news that the deadline would be extended for one day.   

B.   Academic Affairs on Graduate Studies
      1.  Program Revision JD/MPP

Chair Becker explained this is an information/discussion item, but will move to AACG, the graduate committee for approval on February 20, 2018, then AC will approve via an electronic vote sent by Faculty Governance. The Change to Existing Program proposal is to allow the Registrar to create codes for the blended JD/MPP program.  The long time program changed from a MPP with CSUS to Pacific's own new MPP program.  **AACG approved the item on 2/20/18 and Faculty Governance held an electronic vote for AC, results were:  21 Yes,  0 No, 0 Abstentions

V.       Discussion/Information Items
A.  WSCUC Update - Sharmila King
Sharmila is the AC representative on WSCUC steering committee.  She reported the key components of the report are complete, only component seven areas remain to be completed.  The components are;  1) institutional context, 2) compliance with WSCUC standards, 3) the meaning, quality and integrity of the degree (this is a new component for WSCUC), 4) eductional quality, 5) student success, 6) quality assurance, 7) financial sustainability (not yet completed).   Sharmila announced there would be WSCUC forums as follows; 1) Stockton, 3/27/18, 12:00 - 1:00 pm, 2) McGeorge, 3/28/18, 12:00 - 1:00 pm, and 3) SF 4/2/18, 1:00 - 2:00 pm.  Academic Council will be visitied at their April 12, 2018 meeting.   There will be discussion with faculty, staff and students to solicit feedback and if there is an accurate reflection of who we are at Pacific in relation to WSCUC standards.  The draft report will be made available March 19th to the university community.

B.  Status of Women Faculty - Shika Gupta and Sharmila King
Chair Becker shared the Status of Women Faculty report was sent out by the President's office and to all AC members today.
Sharmila summarized the areas of focus were based on the Coache report and surveys conducted by Berit Gundersen, Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs. The areas were; 1) hiring practices, 2) climate, 3) workload parity, 4) promotion and tenure, 5) maternity leave, and 6) pay equity.  The purpose of the ad hoc committee was to develop solutions to mitigate some of the problems, for example anti-bias training all department employees, not just new employees. Another is the need for diversity offices on all three campuses communicate best practices to faculty, staff and students.  Also, additional training for HR to handle faculty complaints.  
Shika Gupta, Co-chair of the Status of Women committee noted SF has a separate short report with recommendations that has gone to SF faculty council meeting.  They are already starting to work on it and it will come back with a report to Academic Council on progress that has been made. 
The Provost confirmed administration's next steps will be to list all the recommendations and start a plan to address them with deadlines. There will be a transparent site for faculty to go and view the progress.  Some of the complaints/serious allegations in the report will be investigated further.  The Coache survey starts again next year and the Provost will bring faculty together to look at the questions in light of the Status of Women report to see if the survey is complete. She commended the faculty for bring the issues forward.  Whether male or female there is a need for male allies. 
Q: AC member asked for explanation of the compensation of women's salaries.
A: The Provost answerd the Status of Women committee did not look at salaries, they are being reviewed by the Faculty Compensation Committee.
A: Sharmila noted there were recommendations about starting salaries and pay equity

C.  Institutional Priorities Committee (IPC) Budget Update
SK: President was receptive to IPC changes - smaller conversations, budget overview from VP KM, solid net worth, net operating revenue is the issue, moody's rating is tied to SIF, allowed SK and FS will calculate price elasticity of demand, IPC faculty members want to change structure of IPC membership, Athletics discussed in January but only got a one pager that wasn't helpful at all. 
JB: March meeting will have KM, WY & Pam to provide clarity on Athletics budget 1) change of conduct? 2) what is roi of athletics to Pacific?
SK: Athletics budget - cost is overrunning into next years is travel contracts. 
CO: It wasn't scholarships per KM
So where is the 4M overrun - didn't understand WCC travel budget, field hockey budget is high due to travel to the east coast. 
JB: some schools (east coast) will pay Pacific to play them (field hockey)  WCC changed travel schedule to change partnering on travel with St. Marys and splitting costs.
CO: reiterate she is a fiscal conservative, turned into one on IPC, operating is in the red, we should start with pilot programs, shrinking of instruction side, larger capacity side
Q: has faculty members of IPC walked back resigning
SK: meeting was better
CO: more data on the budget
SJ: members of IPC haven't been shown meaningful representation of where we stand, and it is not going to happen
MP: Next IPC Meeting topic is the budget
SJ: then we will need a report
SK: Our issue was that we were representing faculty
CO: making decisions on SIF but it is part of our reserve - we should be cautious since we don't know the budget
CV: met w/president asked for more detailed information on the budget at least at IPC, President said they were working on being able to provide it
Q: we keep hearing this that they are working on making it presentable to you
CO: not sure, don't know by when
MP: Large effort on chart of accounts      
D.  Pacific 2020 Refresh Undergraduate Support  - Edie Sparks, Elisa Anders
Q: evidence based decision making - what is driving the student to leave?  Why put this  money is something other
ES: do we want a phased in effort - team is talking about it - no decision yet
SK: #1 predictor is HS GPA, evidence based decision making - SI's high DFW gateway courses - do we know SI's make a difference?
ES: looking at developmental math
SK: English 25 predictor
SJ: there are some changes - predictor of drop out - GPA - accounts for 27% of the variance - address academic function - finance plays a roll - IRIS website 2015/2016 data on why students drop out - 6 positions - first 3 and 3 others attached to other means
Q: can we nail down the 238 better
Q: counseling? No new counselor
ES: 2015 success coaches - referred students 44% needed support due to health crisis
EA: Safety net team utilization is high, active minds chapter, desigmatization of mental health and suicide prevention -      

VI.       What's on your mind?
Angst from faculty s/b addressing more specifically what are concerns are and what we need to see changes on.  

Email issues to JB.  

Increase in capacity, instead of instructional. Not attending to tuition based revenue. 
Loosing the center of what we are doing.    

Adjournment @ 5:08