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December 14, 2017

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00-5:00 pm   


Business: J. Herche(a), J. Miles(p)           
Conservatory: P. Shands(a), A. Miller(a)
College: A. Lenzi(p), B. Sztaray(p), C. Dobbs(p), L. Fox(p), J. Hole(p), S. King(p), J. Becker(p), M. Meler(a), P. Meyer(p), S. Jensen(p), S. Giraldez(p)
Dental: S. Gupta(a), A. Gluskin(a), P. Subar(a)t, S. Sadowsky(a)           
Education: L. Webster(p), M. Draheim(p)           
Emeriti: Roland. di Franco(p)           
Engineering:  S. Gulati(a), S. Merry (a)           
Law: J. Sims(p), R. Salcido(p)           
Library: M. Maloney(p)           
PHS:  C Peterson(a), X. Guo(p), D. Vyas(p), R. Halliwell(p)J Livesey(a)           
SIS: S. Mathis(p)           
ASUOP: G. Kirkpatrick (p)           
Graduate Student Assoc: C. Cannon(p)
Ex-Officio:  P. Eibeck(p), H. Escalante(Ombuds)(p), M. Pallavicini(p), D.Kelly(Athletics)(p), Joel Lohr(a)           
Polly Adema, Alison Alkon, Craig Vierra   

Call to Order 5:05  

I.      Consent Agenda
A.    Academic Affairs on Undergraduate Studies

  1. December 5, 2017 Course Approval Log 
  2. December 5, 2017 Program Approvals                   

B.  Academic Affairs on Graduate Studies                        

  1. November 21, 2017 Course Approval Log                         
  2. November 21, 2017 Program Approvals                         
  3. December 7, 2017 Course Approval Log                         
  4. December 7, 2017 Program Approvals 

AC Chair Jeff Becker announced there were no minutes for approval from November and December.  Minutes will be prepared and scheduled for approval at the January 25, 2018 AC meeting. 
Motion to approve consent calender:

Motion Second Action
Jeff Hole John Sims Passed

A.    Chairperson's Report - Jeff Becker
Jeff explained today's Agenda reflects the business of ACEB since the last meeting.  

B.    President's Report - President Eibeck
President Eibeck shared that Asst VP of Facilities, Graeme Mitchell will remain at Pacific.  The Interim Vice President for Enrollment, Dave Voskuil is starting on February 2nd throught August 2018.  He has much experience in enrollment and will work closely with the Provost and Deans, but report to the President.  In response to a question of separation of enrollment management and academic preparedness being a problem the President answered it is common for private universities because enrollment is so important and it will be a VP position to attract a high quality candidate..  The Provost is in charge of high academic quality and it is of utmost importance to our financial future. 
The President informed the council that Athletics is working on a budget to share with the community. She has asked for more details and that is the reason why there is a delay.
The President touched on some key points of the new Federal Tax Bill. Pell Grants will have an additional bonus for $3000 for students taking 30 credit hours. It has not been released so we don't know the impact on higher education as yet. The Higher Education Act requires a bill from the House and the Senate. Interest will accrue on student loans with an annual limit of $28,500 and upper limit of $150,000.
The President spoke of free speech at Pacific: Free Speech policies to students will have to be distributed.  Also there's been deregulation in higher education on vaccinations, gainful employment, 90-10 rule, etc.  

C.    Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
The Provost thank the faculty for their hard work.  She shared the Dean search for Eberhard School of Business is underway and candidates were identified to visit campus the last week of January and first week of February. Berit Gundersen, Vice Provost of Faculty Affair is stepping down.  There will be an internal and external search.  The Provost has hired a search firm that will constitute a search committee with 3 faculty members chosen by AC.  J Michael Thompsen has also resigned so the search for a Vice President for Enrollment Management will be chaired by the Provost.
The Planning Office has moved from the President's office to Provost's Office.  Institutional Research will report to the Provost. Summer school, Student Success, etc. will be under the Academic division.  Joint Appointment policies are being reviewed by P&T and then moving to PRC.  This is in response to WSCUC concerns about a clear process of review for joint appointments, centers, and institutes. The Provost spoke of the New Leadership Fellows Program.  It will create a pathway for faculty to develop skills, and mentoring for those that would like to engage in leadership and administrative opportunities.  Also faculty may work on specialized projects that align with the interests of Pacific and faculty. It will be set up by semester (20% appointment) and summer.  

D.    ASuop Representative Report - Grant Kirkpatrick
Grant reported on "third space" initiative.  Additional campus hang-out space is needed and students don't currently have enough space. President Eibeck has been very supportiveof the initiative.  ASuop is continuing to foster three campus representation but it is a challenge to get representation because the student body isare so diverse (working adults, graduate and undergraduate students).  Traditional methods of meeting and mobilizing engagement aren't working.  Grant shared internal changes to ASuop: they're working on a new constitution, and created a set of by-laws (didn't have this previously).  While doing this it was discovered that ASuop was founded in 1899!
Students are still concerned about overages in athletics and increasing tuition rates.  

E.    Graduate Student Association President's Report - Chris Cannon

Chris reported the Graduate Student Association hopes campus hours can be increased for the financial aid office and other offices that serve them.  Since many graduate students work and have children they would like to see an effort to establish child care on campus.  Additionally, graduate students are concerned about the Athletics overage and transparency.  

      Action Items
A.  FHB 6.3.5 - Promotions and Tenure Committee - Sharmila King               
Sharmila explained the change from joint to academic committee. Motion to approve:

Motion Second Action
Lydia Fox Jeff Miles Passed

B.  FHB 6.2.6, 7.10-7.13 - Faculty Grievance Committee Changes - Sharmila King

Sharmila explained the change to the language in 7.11.2.b from "shall" to "will", in the first sentence of the last paragraph and "should" to "will" 4th line down in last paragraph. There was discussion of preponderance of evidence and clear and convincing.  This will be revisited and Sharmila will contact University counsel and AC Executive Board to discuss the change. Motion carries.

Motion Second Action
Cynthia Dobbs Jeff Hole Passed

C.  FHB 9.6.1a - Copyright Policy - Jeff Becker Jeff explained the change was to delete the last two paragraphs of the section.

Motion Second Action
Sharmila King Grant Kirkpatrick Pased

D.  Program Closures and Relocation
i.    MEd    
Motion to recommend:

Motion Second Action
Linda Webster Lydia Fox Passed

ii. BA Art
Motion to recommend:

Motion Second Action
Jeff Hole Lydia Fox Passed

iii. MA Food Studies
AC Chair Jeff Becker stated the Special Review Committee recommends closure.    
Motion to recommend closure:  

Motion Second Action
Grant Kirkpatrick John Sims Yes/3      No/19   Failed

There was discussion of program closure and AC received additional information from Food Studies faculty.  The program was supposed to be in-seat and online (a major revenue source).  The online portion was hindered due to delay of online accreditation which would have increased enrollment. It is now near submission for WASC approval to deliver online material just as the program is slated to close.  Also noted was the budget never included a full time director and no adjustments were made when the director was hired.  Faculty cited a lack of University administrative support for infrastructure and promotion of the program.  Faculty felt the newly established New Academic Program Incubator could serve as a resource to help the program succeed. A small investment is needed to successfully market the program.  Food Studies is the only liberal arts SIF program thus far and the University has pledged a commitment to 21st Century Liberal Arts.  Rigid adherence to the three year time frame may cause Pacific to close programs that need more time to reach full potential.

iv. MSAT Relocation to the Graduate School
Consideration was tabled until the January 25, 2018 AC meeting

IV.      Discussion/Information Items
A.  FHB 3.7.1 - Policy on Administrative Relocation of Academic Units - Jeff Becker
Discussion was tabled.
B.  WSCUC Information - Sharmila King
Information will be shared at another time.

V.     Request for Executive Session from Institutional Priorities Committee (IPC) Faculty Members
AC Chair Jeff Becker accepted a motion and second, passed to adjourn to Executive Session for discussion with faculty only present.  

Adjournment @ 5:35 pm