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October 12, 2017

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00-5:00 pm   

Call to Order @ 3:02 pm   

J. Herche(p), J. Miles(p)            
P. Shands(p), A. Miller(p)
College: A. Lenzi(p), B. Sztaray(p), C. Dobbs(p), L. Fox(p), J. Hole(p), S. King(p),  J. Becker(p), M. Meler(p), P. Meyer(p), S. Jensen(p), S. Giraldez(p)            
S. Gupta(p), A. Gluskin(p), P. Subar(a)t, S. Sadowsky(p)            
L. Webster(p), M. Draheim(p)            
Roland. di Franco(p)            
 S. Gulati(p), S. Merry (a)            
J. Sims(p), R. Salcido(a)            
M. Maloney(p)            
 C Peterson(a), X. Guo(p), D. Vyas(p), R. Halliwell(a)            
S. Mathis(p)            
C. Styc(p)            
Graduate Student Assoc: C. Cannon(p)
Ex-Officio:  P. Eibeck(p), H. Escalante(Ombuds)(p), M. Pallavicini(p), D.Kelly(Athletics)(p), Joel Lohr(p), D. Weiser(p), P. Kay (p)            
Louise Stark, Faculty Athletics Representative
Holly Trexler, SWA/Senior Assoc Director of Athletics for Student-Athletes Services and 
Jianhua Ren - Chair of Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies

I.      Consent Agenda                                                                                                       
A.    September 14, 2017 Minutes
B.    Admissions of Undergraduate Transfers, Foreign Credentials Evaluations - Approved by Admissions and Financial Aid Committee on September 26, 2017
C.    Academic Affairs on Undergraduate Studies
       1.   October 3, 2017 Course Approvals
       2.   October 3, 2017 Program Approvals
             a. BA Music, BA Arts - Revision
             b. Minor Pre Law - Revision
             c. Legal Scholars Program - Revision  

Motion Second Action
Sharmila King Roland diFranco Carried

A.    Chairperson's Report - Jeff Becker
Chair Becker distributed his Chair's Report to be included in the board book of the Board of Regents meetings October 19 & 20, 2017.  He requested AC members send any additional comments to him prior to the meeting. 
The President has indicated the Compensation Philosophy will be released in November after Board of Regents approval of general compensation policy for faculty and staff.
AC Leadership has continued to meet with Student Academic Integrity Committee and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education Edie Sparks.  AC may have a revision to the committee's charge at the November meeting.
AC Executive Board (ACEB) has reviewed a draft job description for departmental chairs and provided feedback to Academic Affairs.  It will be more widely distributed to AC members before approval.
Chair Becker asked for volunteers for University Marshal and Marshal-elect vacancies. AC leadership has given recommendations to the Provost for a special review committee for the MSAT program, then it will come to AC.

B.    ASuop Representative Report -  Caroline Styc
Caroline shared ASuop is working on Homecoming efforts.  They're devoted to making it great for students, faculty and staff.  There will be a concert Saturday night, enjoyable for people of all ages.
ASuop is working on their internal processes for student outreach. They had a successful outreach recently to gather student opinion on the proposed tuition increase.  There will be regular outreach to the student body to understand what's on student's minds related to university life, tuition, organization, athletics, and resources. 
They are continuing their efforts towards bridging the three campus student leadership gap.

C.    Graduate Student Association President's Report - Chris Cannon
GSA is trying to fulfill committee positions for graduate students.   Some graduate student concerns have been extended hours for student processes beyond 8 to 5. Another is family housing and daycare needs for graduate students.  Graduate students have also voiced concern that there are classes in the catalog that aren't actually being offered.  Chris confirmed GSA includes graduate students at all Pacific professional schools and is making alliances with those students.  Caroline Styc also explain ASuop is representative for graduate students as well.

D.    President's Report - Pamela Eibeck
President Eibeck shared information on an October 16th initiative by higher education sending a clear message on DACA.  She requested it be sent out by Faculty Governance.  The President expressed enthusiasm for Homecoming this year. 
President Eibeck reported on the recent conclusion of the NCAA investigation related to Academic misconduct.  Throughout the two year process Pacific has been cooperative, and partnered with NCAA. We've desired to learn from the violation and the resulting changes that will be undertaken. The problem started when a transfer student did not have enough credits to qualify towards the degree. Before registration the coaches guided  students to courses that weren't legitimate.  The coaches have been punished, no coaching for eight years at any NCAA institution.   Pacific wants to catch these infractions before they happen.  The changes include:

  • Annual report of Admissions characteristics of athletes relative to the rest of the Pacific's student population to ensure standards are maintained.  This will apply to freshman, transfer and post graduate students. 
  • The Registrar will ensure transfers are eligible, if they aren't notification will go to the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) and athletic advisors.  In turn they will collaborate on a plan with the major advisor and department chair (coaches are not part of the process).  
  • Grade changes that involve athletes that seem anomalous will be reviewed by the FAR. 
  • Ensure courses with high athlete enrollment with high grades be reviewed. 
  • Firm up proctoring exams - added another support person. 
  • There is now a direct line from athletics support to the provost office. 
  • Clarify what policies are, posted, all faculty & staff are aware of what is impermissible academic assistance. 

President Eibeck mentioned the work of Louise Stark, Pacific's FAR and Lou Matz, Chair of the Athletics Advisory Board.

E.    Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
Provost Pallavicini gave an update on P2020R. Very good progress has been made on undergrad pre-matriculation and orientation. Graduate efforts are focused on student policies and pre-matriculation and orientation (we're vulnerable as relates to WSCUC due to rapid growth of our new graduate programs).  The Provost shared that SIF funding review of academic programs has begun.  Some are new, some two years old and some are coming up on their third year.  Review of enrollment and finances will be shared with IPC and there are lessons to be learned on the pace of programs and variables that led to success or struggle. 
The Provost has discussed the possibility of an incubator for new programs with AC Executive Board (ACEB). It would relieve the burden on schools/units and be a space independent of schools to apply knowledge of existing programs to new.  In response to questions from ACEB the Provost confirmed:

  • Incubator's focus will be new programs, faculty could be housed in their school/unit or the Graduate School 
  • The Program approval process will be the same for curriculum and syllabi. 
  • This is a concept to help Pacific integrate in one place all the knowledge and support of new programs. 

In response to AC members questions, the Provost explained the Dental school for example, would retain the program and the incubator would handle the financial and marketing support.  She explained it would be different for new programs that don't have a school/unit or interdisciplinary programs.  The incubator is not a physical space, instead it's a coordinating space to bring best practices, central marketing and enrollment management to ensure accountability for new programs.  It will anticipate problems and help navigate faculty needs. She doesn't anticipate new hires but instead sees a system of accountability.   

III.     Discussion on Reports                                                   

IV.      Action Items
A.    FHB 6.2.4 Academic Affairs Committee on Graduate Studies - Sharmila King
Sharmila explained the change is a cleanup to the Faculty Handbook, "S" (Stockton) to "U" (University) and include the Graduate Dean role. GSA representative, Chris Cannon asked for more than one student on the committee.  AC members discussed the important nature of the committee in review and approval of curriculum and programs and some degree of difficulty with graduate student availability to serve.
Motion to amend FHB 6.2.4 to change two additional members to three and changing one graduate student to two was made:  

Motion Second Action
Chris Cannon Caroline Styc Carried

Motion to approve FHB 6.2.4 with amendment:  

Motion Second Action
John Livesey Cynthia Dobbs Carried

Poll Everywhere was utilized for the vote on the main motion.  Chair Becker asked AC members to send him any comments or concerns regarding the method.

B.    FHB 6.2.15 International Programs and Services Committee - Susan Giraldez
Susan shared one of the changes was from "S" (Stockton) to U (University) committee, removal of SIS because it is now part of COP, the revision made it possible to have a member of SIS and COP Social Sciences.  The change adds a member from Risk Management (ex-officio), a Student Life representative (ex-officio), UOP International and Pacific Graduate programs members (both ex-officio).  The change also cleans up language, not just study abroad but education abroad.
Provost; Suggested deleting the term "Global Learning" as it is now inclusive in UOPI. The Provost feels it's critical that international students have a robust learning experience whether coming from UOPI or individually. It's also equally important that domestic students have a robust global learning experience. She questioned the charge's wording of the role of the committee "ensuring quality of international students from abroad". 
Susan responded that there was a word missing from the text, it should read: Quality of international educational experience".  The wording was revised to delete the wording "Global Learning" and insert "to ensure the quality of educational experiences of international students coming from abroad to study at Pacific and of all Pacific students abroad." prior to the motion to approve.  

Motion Second Action
Lydia Fox Caroline Styc Carried

Information/Discussion    Items  
A.    Athletics Presentation - Danielle Kelly, Louise Stark, Holly Trexler
Louise Stark, Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) required by the NCAA, went over the focus areas of her position at Pacific housed in the President's office.  She works closely with Athletics to ensure student athlete well-being. The panel presented a Power Point Presentation on Pacific's recent NCAA investigation.  The presentation can be found here:                  

B.    FHB Faculty Handbook Grievance Revision - Sharmila King
Sharmila explained the Faculty Grievance section revisions and confirmed that when the revision refers to faculty it is including emeriti.  In response to AC member questions she confirmed the panel could be comprised of three members if the grievance didn't qualify for severe sanctions.  Jeff explained the difference between Title IX and Title VII as applies to equal access to education and employment discrimination, must be clear and convincing for sever sanctions.  Sharmila confirmed the right to bring outside council and the stipulation that both sides must be privy to all the evidence.  An AC member suggested inserting additional time limits for number of days to convene the panel.
Jeff asked AC members to send concerns to him and Sharmila before AC has the item again.  

C.    Status of Women - Shika Gupta, AC Member and Status of Women Co-Chair
Shika reported the committee was charged by President Eibeck as a result of the Coache study in August. Shika and co-chair with Debra Woo, and nine members representing the school/units of all three campuses will be holding focus groups on each campus. Additionally there is an online survey and the committee's report is due January 26, 2018.   

D.    Minors Policy & Hybrid/Blended Online Courses Policy - Jianhua Ren, AACU Chair
Jianhua shared that the Academic Affairs approved the two policies in past years and they were never reviewed by Academic Council and included in the Faculty Handbook.  After discussion AC member decided to send the two policies back to the committee for further review, possible revisions and then return them to AC for further action and possible inclusion in the Faculty Handbook.   

E.    Items of Concern for Board of Regents - Jeff Becker Jeff requested AC members send to him issues or concerns for the Board of Regents meeting.      

VI.            What's on Your Mind?
President Eibeck explained to AC members why an emeritus was chosen as the Faculty Athletics Representative.  She will conduct a search in the spring for a permanent FAR.  Jeff asked for AC members to contact him if they were interested in serving on the Athletic Director Search Committee.                                                 

Adjournment @ 4:44 pm