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VESI Course Listings

VESi is committed to developing online education courses for professionals that are convenient, relevant, and affordable. Convenient because these interactive courses provide expert instruction at a pace that fits your schedule. Relevant to the significant educational and social issues in today's schools, as well as to the requirements you need to meet for re-licensure or career advancement. Affordable because our format allows us to keep quality high and prices low.

These professional development courses for educators provide interactive instruction on strategies for teaching students with special behavioral and learning needs. These computer-based courses are all online and easy to use. Each course instructor is available for professional or technical questions. All courses are open enrollment and can be started at any time.

VESi courses are now tablet compatible, making it easy for you to recertify anytime, anywhere with reliable, stable online access.

Online CoursesUnits*
Advanced Classroom Management 2 graduate-level PDUs. 
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD): Information & Interventions for Effective Teaching 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Autism & Asperger's Disorder: Information & Effective Intervention Strategies 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Behavior is Language: Strategies for Managing Disruptive Behaviors 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Child Abuse: Working with Abused and Neglected Children 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Drugs & Alcohol in School: Understanding Substance Use & Abuse 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Early Childhood: Family-Centered Services 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Early Childhood: Program Planning 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Early Childhood: Observation & Assessment 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Early Childhood: Typical & Atypical Development 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Educational Assessment: Assessing Student Learning in the Classroom 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Inclusion: Working with Students with Special Needs in General Education Classrooms 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Infant and Toddler Mental Health 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Language Acquisition for ESL Students 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Learning Disabilities: Practical Information for Classroom Teachers 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL Students 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Reading & Writing in Content Areas 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Response to Intervention: Practical Information for the Classroom 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Talented and Gifted: Working with High Achievers 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Teaching Diversity: Influences & Issues in the Classroom 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Teaching Elementary Math Conceptually: A New Paradigm 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Traumatized Child: The Effects of Stress, Trauma & Violence on Student Learning 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Try DI!: Planning & Preparing a Differentiated Instruction Program 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Understanding Aggression: Coping with Aggressive Behavior in the Classroom 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Understanding and Implementing Common Core Standards 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Violence in Schools: Identification, Prevention & Intervention Strategies 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Why DI?: An Introduction to Differentiated Instruction 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Reading Fundamentals Series
Reading Fundamentals 1: An Introduction to Scientifically-Based Research 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Reading Fundamentals 2: Laying the Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction 2 graduate-level PDUs.
Reading Fundamentals 3: the Elements of Effective Reading Instruction & Assessment 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Teaching Secondary Math Conceptually: Meeting Mathematics Standards 3 graduate-level PDUs.
Six Traits of Writing Model: Teaching & Assessing 3 graduate-level PDUs.

*Professional Development Units (PDUs)

These courses are not applicable for a degree at Pacific but can be transferred at the discretion of your institution. An official transcript is available from Pacific upon successful completion of coursework. While it may be possible for the credits earned in these courses to be used for salary advancement and state licensing requirements, we do not provide assurance that any state licensing board or school district will accept these credits for those purposes. Individuals seeking credits for those purposes are advised to check with the appropriate agencies and gain approval prior to registering.
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