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Request a Flexible Work Arrangement

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) are not intended to replace the occasional request for flexibility to manage a personal situation.  Occasional flexibility requests will continue to be considered outside these guidelines.

Things to consider when requesting a Flexible Work Arrangement

Job Appropriateness:  Meeting university goals is a top priority, and flexible arrangements may not be possible for all roles. That said, supervisors/managers are encouraged to be creative and flexible and look for opportunities to approve flexible work requests whenever possible.

Staff Member Appropriateness:  Not all staff members are ready for flexible work-even if the staff member's job could be accomplished under an FWA. University of the Pacific requires a minimum performance level to be eligible for FWAs.  Some staff members may be unable to maintain performance standards under certain work conditions. When that is the case, supervisors/managers and staff members should have frank discussions about performance expectations and are encouraged to set milestone goals toward achieving readiness for flexible work. 

Work Schedules: Staff member schedules may be adjusted according to the university calendar.  Seasonal or monthly schedules may require adjustments during periods of peak demand/need.

Meal Breaks: Meal breaks for non-exempt staff members are unpaid work breaks of at least 30 minutes at the midpoint of the workday. Meal breaks are mandatory for non-exempt staff members and are strongly encouraged for all staff members.

Pacific Flex Enrollment Procedure

Supervisors/managers and staff members should adhere to the following procedures for establishing and managing an FWA (for more detail, please see the Flexible Work Time Arrangement Policy or the Telecommuting Policy):

  1. All supervisors/managers with at least one direct report will initiate a conversation with their direct reports on the availability of flexible work (flex time or telecommuting).
  2. Interested staff members will submit flexible work requests to their immediate supervisor/manager.
  3. Supervisors/managers will review all requests-considering the needs of the team, constituents, and staff members-with their team.
  4. Special step for telecommuting only: If the supervisor/manager supports a telecommuting request, they will review their recommendations with their unit head/dean.
  5. If the supervisor/manager (and unit head, if applicable) supports the request, they will review their recommendations with their division head or his/her designee.
  6. The division head or designee will give final approval or denial of the request and return the completed request form to the supervisor/manager.
  7. Supervisors/managers will inform each staff member of the final decision and route all request forms and/or completed agreements to their campus human resources office for record-keeping.