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Pacific Flex Options

Flexible Work Arrangements are modified work options that enable exempt and non-exempt staff members to contribute to University of the Pacific's success while balancing their work and personal obligations.
**New staff members are eligible for an FWTA after they have successfully completed their new hire introductory period (see Section 3.9 in the Staff Handbook)

University of the Pacific is offering the following flexible work options: flextime and telecommuting. 


Flextime schedules allow staff members to choose their start and stop times. For more information, see the Flexible Work Time Arrangements Policy.

Any of the following may be included in flextime options.

  • Predictable: Individual start and end times that remain consistent each work day (e.g. 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with a 30-minute lunch, Monday through Friday).
  • Changeable: Staff members may work different hours each day as long as they achieve the expected number of hours each week.
  • Mid-Day Flex: Staff members may take an extended lunch break if they make up the extra time by starting work earlier or staying later.
  • Core Hours: As a team, staff presence may be required during defined core times, in order to maximize availability for meetings or key work processes. Core hours can be established in conjunction with any of the flextime options above. 


Telecommuting allows staff members to fulfill job responsibilities from home or an alternate location, rather than their primary office location. For more information, see the Staff Telecommuting Policy.