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Workers' Compensation Benefits

How to Make a Claim

Do you need medical care? If so please let Human Resources know as soon as possible and arrangements will be made for you to see a doctor. Please find information on Benefits for injured workers as well as a claim form below. Please complete the claim form as soon as possible and submit to Human Resources if you wish to make a claim.

Prevention and Training

Complete the Injury and Illness Report below for any incident no matter how small and return to your supervisor. Even if you don't file a claim the Risk Department may follow up with you to see how you are doing and see if there is any change or improvement needed to prevent this type of illness or accident in the future.

Getting Back to Work

If you are sick or injured from causes arising out of the course of your employment, Human Resources will strive to make any reasonable accommodations possible to bring you back to work. Please bring in all doctors notes so we that I can make a timely review of any restrictions and find a solution quickly if possible with your supervisor.

How to Record on Your Timesheet

Please record any time away from work due to this injury as "sick" time. Have your department submit your timesheet to Human Resources if you are absent for a Workers' Compensation related illness or injury. Human Resources will review and submit to payroll for pay processing.

Sick Call in Procedures

Make sure to follow your departments "Sick or Appointment" call-in procedures.


Email Email Human Resources.

Forms and Documents: