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12.17 Graduate Credit as an Undergraduate

Revised by Academic Council on October 10, 2013 and approved by the Provost on October 23, 2013.

Undergraduate students meeting all the following requirements may petition to the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies to open a graduate transcript (i.e., to receive credit in graduate-level courses toward a graduate degree):

  1. The student is within 9 units of completing the bachelor's degree,
  2. The student is in the last two semesters of the bachelor's degree,
  3. An Evaluation of Degree Requirements form has been submitted by the student's academic advisor to the Registrar's Office prior to the last day to add classes,
  4. The student has been accepted into a graduate or credential program AND receives approval of the Application to Receive Graduate Credit as an Undergraduate Student by the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies before the last day to add classes of the last semester as an undergraduate

Graduate credit can be received under the following guidelines:

  1. The total number of graduate credits for the semester, including coursework taken at other schools, cannot exceed the maximum graduate course load for the department providing the graduate coursework.
  2. The tuition rate for the entire semester is at the undergraduate rate.
  3. Graduate credit will only be granted for upper division (100 numbered) courses and above.
  4. Units cannot be retroactively transferred from an undergraduate transcript to a graduate program. Approvals for graduate credit must be obtained prior to the last day to add classes of the student's last semester.
  5. Coursework will not count toward graduate credit if the student fails to complete the bachelor's degree by the second semester of taking graduate credit.
  6. Graduate courses completed under this agreement will not be recorded by the Registrar as graduate coursework until the baccalaureate degree has been completed and matriculation into the graduate program has commenced.  Grades from these courses will not be accounted in the undergraduate grade point average, unless the bachelor's degree is not completed.
  7. No more than 12 units (16 units for student teachers), no matter when they are earned, can be transferred from an "Unclassified" transcript to a graduate degree program transcript.
  8. Students who do not complete the bachelor's degree by the second semester when graduate courses are taken will not be admitted into the Graduate School and cannot take additional graduate coursework until the bachelor's degree has been awarded.
  9. Students bear the responsibility of assuring graduate credits earned as an undergraduate student will transfer to or be counted as post­ baccalaureate units by other universities or school districts.
  10. Students are not classified as graduate students until they register for courses and complete a term that begins after receiving the bachelor's degree.