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11.15.13 Credit by Examination

Approved by Academic Council on April 26, 2001

An undergraduate student in good standing and currently enrolled for four or more units may “challenge” by examination certain courses offered in the current term by the University. Departments have the right to designate which of their courses are appropriate for credit by examination. This policy is subject to the following restrictions.

  1. A student may challenge a course covering material in which, because of independent study since high school graduation or because of work at another college or University which was not accepted for transfer credit, the student feels prepared. It is the responsibility of the student to explain how the material was mastered.
  2. A student wishing to challenge a course should not expect the instructor of the course to provide assistance beyond an explanation of the scope of the examination.
  3. A student wishing to challenge a course may not attend the class meetings of the course.
  4. A student may not receive credit by examination in the semester in which the student intends to receive his or her baccalaureate degree.
  5. A student may not get credit by examination for a course which the student has already audited or received a grade of F or NC.
  6. A student may not get credit by examination for a course in a structured sequence if the student has received credit for a higher level course in the sequence.
  7. Credit earned by a challenge examination may not be used to meet the
    University residency requirement.

A student wishing to pursue the credit by examination option must:

  1. complete the appropriate form from the office of the University Registrar;
  2. obtain approval from his or her adviser, the instructor offering the course, and the dean of the school or college offering the course;
  3. pay the scheduled service fee.

Successful completion of the examination will be recorded on the transcript with a grade of pass and will be made a part of the student’s academic record in the term in which the examination is requested. Appropriate tuition fees will be assessed.