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11.15.9 Changes in the Study Program

Approval Academic Council, Provost on April 24, 2002

If the student desires to drop or add a course after filing registration material, a drop/add form must be completed, approved by the adviser and instructor, and processed by the office of the University Registrar. Deadlines for dropping or adding courses are announced in the class schedule each term. After the deadline dates have passed, requests to add or drop courses must be made by special petition and normally will be approved only if it can be shown that the request is warranted due to some special situation or hardship. Courses which a student is allowed to drop after the deadline will appear on the student’s transcript with the notation “W” but will not count in the units earned nor in the calculation of the grade point average.

Any petitions approved after the deadline dates will be subject to a clerical service fee. The date on which the petition is filed with the University Registrar is the effective date for financial and academic adjustments.